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Find Jobs and Offer Jobs App is one of Mobile recruiting apps from Snappii. it's designed for individuals who are looking for a job
  • Create new job offers in the app
  • Specify job details
  • Provide business locations and directions
  • Give contact details to job seekers
  • Search for a job in specific states and cities
  • Custom search by industry and viewing jobs on a map
  • Work online and offline
  • Save time and reduce expenses
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Mobile recruiting bottleneck

According to recruitment technology company Jibe and Kelton Global research firm, 70% of job seekers are willing to apply for a job via smartphone, but more than 25% of large companies said that their hiring process is not mobile-optimized. “Today applicants prefer to use their smartphones and tablets for everything,” Jed Hamilton, director of corporate communications at Jibe, said. “If they can pay their bills and power their homes from their smartphones, why shouldn’t they be able to apply for jobs? Companies need to understand that when prospective candidates encounter an unfriendly or nonexistent application process on their phones, they’re simply going to take their talents elsewhere.” Mobile recruiting definitely faces a bottleneck while it is being sought after.

Mobile app for recruiting solves mobile recruiting shortage

Snappii introduces its most popular mobile app for recruiting – Find Jobs and Offer Jobs. This mobile app for recruiting allows companies to:

  • Create new job offers in the app
  • Fill in all job details to find a proper candidate
  • Provide business locations and directions
  • Give contact details to applicants

The mobile recruiting app is a must have for any recruiting company as a convenient tool to make it easy to offer jobs and find proper applicants fast.

Mobile app for recruiting from Snappii allows applicants to:

  • Add companies you like to Favorites
  • Quickly contact selected companies
  • Schedule an appointments
  • Find and check company profile on a map

HR industry should be evolving together with the mobile technologies, adopting the latest mobile recruiting solutions. Hiring managers and job seekers alike are abandoning the traditional paper resume and turning to fully online job applications. For employers, job seekers’ increasing dissatisfaction with online applications means losing well-qualified candidates who give up on the process halfway through. But a poor application experience could also damage your employer brand for other potential candidates. Find Jobs and Offer Jobs mobile app for recruiting will take your company closer to the job seekers, increasing your chances of finding the right candidate. Download the app for free from Apple and Google Play store and increase your chances of finding the right employee.

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