How Fire Inspectors eliminate paperwork during their inspections

Fire Inspectors, like any other inspectors, have to be carrying loads of paper forms with them. Fill out inspections, sign them, and drag anywhere they are going. Is it possible to keep all the forms in one place, have easy access to them without carrying piles of forms? Yes, there is! Today the only thing that people are always taking with them is a mobile device. Why not place all the forms in there?

Thanks to Snappii online visual drag and drop platform, it has now become possible to use fully functional mobile app for Fire Inspectors that contains lots of forms that are easy to fill out, store on a mobile device, send via email as a PDF, and more.

The Fire Inspection App includes mobile forms and features that help inspectors to easily collect key inspection data to ensure fire safety.

Each form is optimized for mobile use and is easy to fill out. Forms can be submitted via email, and/or saved and stored right on your device.

The Fire Inspection App enables inspectors to replace clipboards, paper forms, cameras and laptops with mobile tools that:

  • Collect safety data including emergency lights, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and more to ensure fire safety
  • Ensure fire extinguisher is working properly
  • Check Fire Hydrants conditions
  • Access potential fire hazards right on your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Fill out apartment checklist for fire inspection survey
  • Report locations with Map or GPS features
  • Take and save photos related to the inspection
  • Capture handwritten signatures with a mobile device
  • Document date and time of inspections
  • Store all reports locally on a device, share stored reports via email
  • Use Smartphones or tablets to quickly collect inspection data, validate fields and send the completed forms to a corporate data repository
  • Save time, eliminate duplicate entry, and improve accuracy

You can download the Fire Inspection app for iOS device here and for Android device here.


Now Apps built with Snappii can generate any PDF reports

Want to have total control over how PDFs generated from your app look?  Now you can. First create  PDF templates using online tools like or  Take any PDF form you already have and import it into Snappii Editor when creating a Universal form. There are no limits on what your PDF can look like. For example, say you want to generate a standard W-9 form, or you have a company standard form that you want the app to generate. No problem. Your app can literally generate any PDF form.

Simply create your PDF file and name the form fields according to your fields in the Datasource. Save the PDF. Create an Excel spreadsheet with the corresponding form fields’ names. Save this spreadsheet and upload to the Datasource dialog. Save it.

Drag and drop the Universal Form element, after you set it up, i.e. select the saved datasource, choose the layout, open the settings for the Universal Form – click Submit by Email, select the PDF format and put a check next to Use PDF template. See the screenshot below:

custom pdf

Click Upload, select your saved PDF template, you will see the fields mapping will open, map the fields of your PDF template with the fields from the datasource. Save and close. Now just add form elements like you would normally do for your form. If you are doing it first time, please check out this tutorial.

If you are using tables in your form, these PDF fields should start with “table_”

Instead of inserting the whole picture in your PDF report, you can substitute it for a link to this image. Simply put a check “Show URL instead of image”.


Login to your account now, update the existing forms, or create new forms with Snappii Custom PDF feature.



New and Updated Pipeline Inspection App for mobile Inspections

Snappii introduces updated in features, user interface and usability Pipeline Inspection App for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The Pipeline Inspection App is a pre-built mobile app designed to enable inspectors to replace clipboards, cameras and laptops with their smartphones or tablets.

The app helps collect key data on pipelines and facilities, report locations, take pictures, store forms in the app and more.
The app is an indispensable tool for inspectors to ensure pipeline safety and save time.

Each form is easy to fill out, it can be shared via email, saved and stored right on your device.

The Pipeline Inspection app allows inspectors to:

- Collect key data to ensure pipeline safety
- Report locations with Maps or GPS coordinates
- Take pictures and associate them to inspection forms
- Capture Signatures
- Document date and time
- Store all reports locally on a device
- Share stored reports via email
- Validate form data and send it to corporate data repository
- Save time, improve accuracy, eliminate duplicate data entry

Pipeline Inspection Forms include:

- Technical Datasheet for gathering pipeline and associated facilities data
- Pipeline test report to collecting information on pipe size, type, location, pressure, line loss and measures taken
- Leak survey report to record findings on pipeline leaks, date and time found, location and Picture

The benefits of using this app are obvious:

- Improve accuracy
- Save time
- Save money
- Eliminate Paperwork

Don’t miss a chance to upgrade now – go to Apple or Google to download your free copy of Pipeline Inspection App mobile app.


Must-have Mobile App for Insurance Adjusters

The popularity of mobile devices used at work is constantly growing. Gadgets are gradually replacing the tools that were considered to be eternal and reliable helpers in the past such as PCs and fax machines. This change has become especially important for employees being occupied in the field and not having to spend much time in the office. These people do really need tools that will allow them to be always in touch, collect and access various data immediately anytime and anywhere. One of the good examples of such people is insurance adjusters.

They need to quickly and exactly evaluate the damage happened and come up with a completed solution to a client. In the past it was a difficult task to do. They had to:

- Take pictures with a camera and print them in the office
- Fill in many paper forms manually
- Spend much time on data analysis, estimates and calculations

Fortunately they don’t have to bother about it any longer. Due to up-to-date mobile apps all related tasks can be fulfilled just in minutes. Snappii has created the Insurance Adjusters App for Autos and Property that can become a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced adjuster. Just some features to mention:

- there is no need to drag laptops around anymore. Smartphone or tablets are good to go
- take as many pictures at an accident place as required
- create detailed reports with your own notes
- save reports on your device or email them as needed
- sort and filter data in moments
- capture real-time location data
- convert your reports to custom PDFs and email them to home office
- review reports, save reports at anytime from anywhere
- print PDF reports
- make required calculations and deliver completed estimates
- work in online and offline modes. If no 3G or WiFi is available, fill in data and just save it until Internet connection is re-established
- more

As can be noticed this app is indeed helpful and replaces PCs. One more good thing to know is that Snappii allows to further expand the app flexibility and functionality. This app as well as each app made in Snappii WYSIWYG Drag-and-Drop editor can be 100% customized to meet your specific business needs.

Time is money. If you are interested in moving your business to a higher level and attracting more prospects and clients this app is a good alternative to already existing insurance adjuster’s tools. Download this app totally free from the Appstore and Google Play and make your daily tasks in an accurate and faster manner. You are just a few clicks away to be one of the first who will provide a digital estimate to a client via a mobile device.


Warehouse Management and Inspection Mobile app

With the continually expanding mobile applications usage, it is more important than ever to be able to safely submit, store and mange information. Many programs exist on the back end to document new warehouse inspections. But the front-end data collection and documentation research requires a multitude of mostly paper-based forms, charts, rules and reports which can be time consuming and tiresome. Automating these processes through mobile apps not only streamlines operations and increases employee productivity, but can greatly enhance safety and emergency response.

Snappii is glad to introduce you its newly released Warehouse Management and Inspection Mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.

This app is used by many thousands of warehouse managers as a must-have app.

Using Warehouse Management app users will be able to:

- Make inspections of warehouses and collect images of possible issues
- Indicate places where inspections were made on Google Maps
- Create rental contracts and provide to building owners for a sign
- Make inventories and send them to suppliers
- Fill out and keep supply records in the app
- Use a simple digital form to order products
- Save and keep all made reports in the app
- Calculate warehouse space for goods storage

The app utilizes camera, and bar code scanning. Includes a community forum where you can ask questions to other warehouse managers. The app is 100% customizable to meet your specific needs.

Being able to complete and submit detailed mobile forms, including photographic documentation, dramatically reduces paper usage and data inaccuracies. Inspectors, product managers and safety officials can work even in offline mode, and user management and signature options offer the security that only the appropriate people are accessing information. All personnel can be kept aware of regulatory changes and mission-critical instructions through in-app notifications and immediate distribution of app changes. This ensures the most up-to-date collection, reporting and reference capabilities will always be available.

The benefits of using the Warehouse Management and Inspection app are obvious:

- Save time on many logistics tasks
- Eliminate paper usage and go green
- Save money on inspections and orders
- Increase revenue

Get your app today!


Mobile inspections apps – Heavy Equipment Inspection app

Today large and small businesses are looking for ways to save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in every possible way. Inspections are not an exception. Mobile apps and forms allow businesses to do inspections in less time. Drop down lists, pre-populated fields, checkboxes are just some of the ways businesses have made their inspections go more quickly.

Meet Heavy Equipment Inspection app for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets. In addition to the listed functionality above, it captures date and time automatically, GPS location, collects signatures and more. Heavy Equipment Inspection App is an indispensable tool to make inspections of big and expensive equipment. This app provides multiple types of useful electronic forms which will help you:
- easily and quickly inspect all the necessary parts and systems of trucks/tractors/cranes and hydraulic elevators
- send via email and store all inspection data right in the app on your device
- keep yourself and passengers safe

Heavy Equipment Inspection App is strongly recommended if you want your vehicle/equipment to function as long as possible without breakages.

Together with the forms you can get the following benefits while using this app:

- Get the latest Auto Tech News
- Forum where drivers/vehicle owners and others can exchange their ideas and learn a new stuff
- Receive and send Push Notifications
- Order a similar app, fully customized to fit your business ideas/requirements.

Going mobile saves businesses even more time than just the ability to inspect equipment faster. With paper forms, inspectors would have to bring their forms back from the field. Thus a business could wait hours, maybe days before an inspection would come back to the office. Only then would it be entered into the database and be available for further use, such as invoicing. This can slow down sales cycle, as well as follow up work to these mobile inspections. By switching to a mobile app, companies have been able to react to their inspections in real time. Every submission is sent immediately to the cloud. There, the office can access it. Available in various formats, such as PDF, Excel spreadsheet or email body they can integrate this data into their backend systems. With workers constantly in the field, some businesses struggle sending assignments.

Mobile inspections are an important part of many businesses. But, using paper forms can cause not only a lot of frustration, but waste of time. In the end, moving to a mobile equipment inspection app could save you hundreds of hours, and be cheaper than your current paper system.



Kinds of Business apps available in the AppStore

Today having a smartphone or a tablet enables us to find better solutions to simplify our life and fulfill daily tasks. Apple and Google app stores offer us a great number of apps. There are lots of apps out there on every business and every little activity

The business world is embracing smartphones and tablets like never before. With the BYOD craze sweeping the globe and PCs failing to serve all of today’s business needs, corporate IT managers are more willing than ever to check out useful business applications in Apple and Google’s App Stores. Based on near-universal adoption or evaluation of iOS products by Fortune 500 companies, it appears that the enterprise is more than ready for iPhones and iPads as platforms to run business apps. But before the corporate world decides to go all-in on iPads and iPhones, it might be a good time to take a look at what’s inside Apple’s App Store to see what sort of apps are available to fill today’s needs. The available apps include everything from Microsoft’s Office Web Apps to document readers and remote desktop access tools. Just an hour or so of browsing in the App Store will demonstrate why Apple mobile devices have become fixtures in corporate offices.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available in the Apple App Store. With so many options available, business professionals will find that there is an app for just about any business or productivity function imaginable. See the graphics below to find that business apps occupy the 3d position after Games and Education.

We at Snappii are not surprised that Business apps are consolidating its position in the Apple App store. In today’s business world, it’s essential to stay in touch and have access to business documents and functionality anytime, anywhere. Mobile devices have opened a new world of accessibility and flexibility for day-to-day business users.


Drag and Drop Simplicity Will Rescue Mobile App Development

Every business wants apps but the cost of hiring developers is too prohibitive. Some businesses are offshoring app development but are running into many problems.

Just imagine trying to explain to a foreign programmer how your business works and what you need. No fun. So much will get lost in translation that often what you get is nowhere close to what you need. And the time difference of 12 hours is not helping any.  Every email will be at least a day behind.  Imagine how many emails it will take clarify what you want!

App stores are not yet populated with apps for every category and I think it will be some time before this happens. So the choices today come down to expensive on shore development or learning to build apps yourself.

The good news is that visual drag-and-drop tools have come of age. Snappii for example has been in active development and use for over 3 years and is now powerful enough and has enough features to build real business apps, I am not talking about marketing “brochureware” apps.  I mean serious business apps that automate or mobilize some part of existing business process.

All the features in the world would not do a business person any good if they could not learn how to use the tool.  Let’s face business people are not coders and won’t master writing lines of code any time soon. But business people have used many tools that utilize drag-and-drop visual concepts.  The likes of Photoshop and many visual tool people learned on Windows really taught everybody how to build things by dragging and dropping.  It is quick and easy to do. Just about every prototyping tool used drag and drop idea to let out user interface.  The universality of this concept is what enables business users now to build real functional apps when coupled with a feature rich visual app development platform like Snappii.   I would encourage you to watch some video tutorials to see how easy it is.


Why are there so Few Business Apps in App Stores?

flying iconsApple and Google Appstores are loaded with games, weather apps and map apps, but surprisingly very few business apps.

You would think that with smartphones and tablets now outnumbering laptops and desktop computers there would be a ton of specific business apps covering many industries and specific needs.

I think there are several reasons for this.

First, it is purely history.  Historically games were the first apps in the app stores and given them the popularity they enjoy.  People are used to going to app stores  to find apps.  Interestingly since the app stores are now on every device the same people began to search for apps they need for their business.  At Snappii we were frankly really surprised that people would be looking in such volume for apps like Heavy Equipment Inspection in App Stores.

The second reason for business app shortage is that developers don’t know what functionality should be included.  Only the business users have a clear understanding of what features they need to have in the apps, but only until visual wysiwyg, drag-and-drop app development tools like came along business people could not even imagine about being able to build apps without programmers.

Which brings us to the third reason.  Business people don’t think they can build business apps without coding and that means finding programmers. So they end up hiring app developers to develop apps for internal use only and often times don’t even bother submitting the apps to the app stores.

I believe in time this will change.  The massive install base of smartphones and tablet devices present app developers a similar opportunity as when IBM PC came out in 1981.  Business people need and want apps to use on their mobile devices.


How Business People Can Create Mobile Apps without Programmers

cover_pureMany business people want to make apps but don’t think they can do it themselves. They think they need to find programmers to do it. The emergence of visual app development platforms specifically designed for business people makes it possible for them to build mobile apps by themselves.

Download this valuable white paper and learn:

- How visual drag and drop tools don’t require any coding to make apps
- Learn about the “10 must have features” every platform should have to make robust apps
- How to select the best visual cloud-based mobile app development platform

Download your copy today.

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