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Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives and printed, if needed.

iOS & Android Mobile Airline and Airports Apps for:

  • Optimize crew management and reduce time wasted at airports
  • Switch to manuals on tablets vs. heavy printed books and save money
  • Perform airplane inspections utilizing tablets to save time, money and improve accuracy
  • Quickly access see airports information phone numbers, fuel prices, operating hours, METARs, TAFs, flight related data such as frequencies, runway details, diagrams, navigation aids, weather, maps and charts
  • Eliminate paper forms, paper notes and spreadsheets with mobile data collection

Mobile Apps for Airline and Airports

Modern airline and airport business models are evolving rapidly to explode the growth of mobile solutions and many airlines and airports are beginning to experiment with mobility-enabled services, namely special mobile apps. Airport and airline operations also use mobile solutions for such working processes as maintenance, pre- and in-flight services, flights planning, asset management and others. Whether a passenger or an employee, would agree that mobile future for airlines and airports has already started and moreover there is plenty more to come.

Airline and airport apps’ opportunities

The good thing about coming up with airport apps is that passengers can simply check flight updates at any time. They can receive alerts regarding flight changes or boarding details. This can help them maximize their time to prepare before the flight. However, not only passengers are happy with the growing opportunities of mobile device’ utilization and travel and airline apps, but airport and airline staff and cargo are going to see the increased use of mobile solutions in the airline industry as well. Airport apps can be a very useful tool for every crew member and their perfect companion both in flight and on the ground. With passenger, airport workers and cargo spread over huge airport territories, having up-to-date information has always been essential. Mobile devices were often used for tracking, monitoring and updating data. Also, aircraft need regular inspections and airport apps can help to conduct them in proper way. Corporations were actively leveraging the mobile communication channels. However, nowadays modern airport apps offer much more opportunities and benefits. Airline and airport apps can cover any operation from multiple inspections to reporting and analyzing.

Today many companies of airline and airport industry are recognizing the strategic importance of mobile technology and allowing employees to use mobile devices for both personal and professional use. BYOD approach and airport apps for inner usage are extremely popular and become a real necessity.

What are the benefits airlines and airport operations can have if going mobile?

  • Complete overview of the business in real time;
  • Flexibility to manage tasks such as charting maps, capturing logbook information and reviewing manuals;
  • Access flight charts, fleet manuals, crew bulleting, training materials, etc;
  • Deliver ready access to passenger information;
  • Informing the crew about passengers’ requirements and their preferences;
  • Improve productivity and customer services;
  • Increase brand value.

Understanding the importance and convenience of airlines and airports mobile solutions, Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, offers a great collection of powerful airport and airline apps.

More solutions of Snappii’s airline and airport apps

As we already know, the first thing that troubles the airlines and airports is the huge number of paper-based operations: human resources and maintenance, flight attendant activities and pilot operations are mostly found by the crew members in some books, manuals, documents, procedures, charts and maps. Sounds rather old-fashioned, doesn’t it? However, this is still true for many airlines industry workers. Fortunately, Snappii’s airport apps can easily replace all bulky operations, save time, efforts and expenses, optimize processes and boost the whole workflow. Snappii is helping airplanes crews to avoid a lot of paper-related operations by replacing this kind of paper work with a mobile application capable to include various useful flight-related data. Eliminate paperwork with mobile data collection and mobile forms!

Other advantages of Snappii’s airport apps allow you to:

  • Optimize crew management and reduce time wasted at airports;
  • Quickly access airports information such as phone numbers, fuel prices, operating hours, METARs, TAFs, flights related data, runway details, navigation aids, weather, maps, charts and more;
  • Switch to manuals on mobile devices vs. heavy printed books and save money;
  • Perform different inspections instantly;
  • Monitor and manage safety;

Snappii’s collection of airport and airline apps consists of: Aircraft Inspection App, Crew Coordinator Mobile App, Fleet Management App, Public Safety Provider App, Inspect Anything app

Customization of airline and airport apps

This is not the whole collection. Moreover, each airport app can be customized. You just explain your personal requirements, needs and wants and our team makes necessary changes in the airport app in a few days. It’s extremely easy and fast. It is not a problem to combine the quality and your ideas in a perfect airport or airline app.

The recipe to success for the airport app is having right strategy and proper execution. If you have such a strategy, Snappii can provide the second part. Our codeless, cloud-based app development platform allows customers to order custom app development and get a personal powerful app which meets all their ideas and requirements in a few weeks.

Airlines industry is one of the largest investors in technology solutions. Keeping up with huge amounts of flight performed and airport operations conducted daily, increased trend is that companies spend millions on technological innovations, namely airline apps. With globally embrace the world by mobile airport apps for internal, in-flight operations it inevitably begs the question of competition. You have a good chance to be in front right now. Join Snappii and benefit all solutions.

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