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Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives and printed, if needed.

iOS & Android Mobile Health and Fitness Apps for:

  • Request a prescription and refills
  • Request and manage appointments
  • Eliminate paper work and convert paper forms to mobile apps
  • Fill out application before visiting office
  • Find your location(s) with GPS directions
  • Integrate with Clinical Systems and back office systems
  • Save time and money with mobile app forum
  • Data collection and monitoring: daily sugar rates, blood pressure, etc.
  • Find and communicate with Physicians

Healthcare Apps are the future of the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry is among the ones that use paper documents the most. Doctors and nurses store all the patients’ records on paper, prescribe medications on paper and track health data on paper. But can paper documents be as reliable as they seem to be? In the 21st century people value time as never before - there’s no time to fill out paper forms, look them up in the drawers, spend money on paper on a monthly basis, printing the paper and more. Especially when a human’s life is involved.

HealthCare Industry includes activities that enable medical personnel to collect key data about patients, monitor patients\\\' progress in treatment, prescribe medications and more.

Snappii offers many mobile healthcare apps as a convenient and easy-to-use mobile solution that will save time and avoid unnecessary procedure, make it easy to share health information among many doctors, eliminate mistakes caused by human factor, enable rapid and accurate data collection.

Native iOS and Android healthcare apps allow medical personnel to:

  • Collect patient data
  • Schedule appointments
  • Prescribe medications
  • Improve accuracy
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Eliminate Paperwork and go green

Mobile Healthcare Apps from Snappii

Snappii, a rapid mobile app development platform has created a bunch of healthcare apps that will satisfy the needs of any business involved in this industry. Any business can find a suitable mobile business app to use at work on a daily basis.

Medical Home Care mobile business app is designed for doctors, nurses, health care assistants, home care aides, caregivers, and other health care professionals. This app stands out from other healthcare apps because it not only helps doctors collect information from the patients, but also helps other medical personnel to track patients’ treatment.

Medical Office Visit mobile business app is a helpful tool for collecting patients` personal data for further medical examination. This app will avoid filling out paper forms at the reception speeding up the patient flow.

My Personal Medical mobile business app is designed to collect a detailed family health history from you and your relatives. It contains a mobile form that stores symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of an individual patient.

These healthcare apps from Snappii are the closest to the doctor and patient relations and help medical personnel better communicate and collaborate with the patients. Another category of healthcare apps includes checking up environment and food conditions. For example, Food Safety and Health Inspection mobile business app will allow food inspectors to keep track of all their records on food storage, handling, preparation and display, kitchen practices, equipment maintenance and cleaning, and worker hygiene at inspected establishments. Healthcare apps can also inspect working environment to make sure it is in compliance with OSHA and HIPAA. Snappii has a HIPAA Authorization and Compliance mobile business app for individuals to provide HIPAA personal information on demand. Fill in the form and provide it to specialists to release your private information and allow medical establishments to access and use it. OSHA Case Reporting mobile app is designed for individuals to instantly report any violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations right on the spot. These healthcare apps are considered to be indispensable tools when it comes to protecting employees’ rights.

Another category of mobile healthcare apps touch fitness and diet. There are literary thousands of fitness and diet apps out there in the Apple and Google Stores. Snappii healthcare apps category has a Physical Therapy app that contains anything you may need to track a healthy way of life including information about exercises, diets, multiple calculators to measure your body parameters and calorie consumption rates.

Why healthcare apps from Snappii?

In a 2014 poll by QuantiaMD, only 37% of physicians surveyed said that they had recommended healthcare apps to their patients. In another QuantiaMD poll, 42% of physicians said they would not recommend a mobile business app for health to patients because there was no regulatory oversight. In addition, another 37% percent had no idea what mobile healthcare apps are out there.

In spite of physicians being split on the utility of apps, consumers are downloading them at a rapid pace. In fact, it is estimated that within the next three years half of all smartphone and tablet users will have at least one mobile business app for healthcare.

Snappii is a rapid mobile app development platform that has already created 90+ mobile business apps for 30 industries, and this number keeps growing. Snappii customers have developed 26,000+ mobile business apps that run on two million devices. Snappii is well-known by its ability to create mobile apps fast, and healthcare apps are not an exception. Healthcare apps can be created in a matter of just a few days, tested and sent to Stores. Our customers value us for great support, speed and quality of mobile business apps development. All Snappii healthcare apps are HIPAA-compliant, which means any information and images you share with your health professional are stored and transmitted in a way that meets federal guidelines set for your safety and privacy. Healthcare apps can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play Stores for free. You can choose to use these healthcare apps as is, or ask us to customize these apps to meet the needs of your medical institution.

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