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Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives and printed, if needed.

iOS & Android Mobile Product Catalogue Apps for:

  • Electronic Coupons
  • On-line Mobile Shopping
  • Product Catalogues
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Securely integrate with back end systems
  • Show stores on the map
  • Send notifications with special sales, discounts, offers and deals
  • Enable one button calling, emailing or SMS
  • Enable Social Media integration

How a mobile retail app helps companies generate more profit

Everybody is aware of the fact that people tend to buy more using their smartphone and tablets.

Product catalogs come in many shapes, sizes and degrees of complexity. Some catalogs are printed out and distributed by mail, online or in person, but regardless of their format product catalogs are often outdated and unhandy, making it difficult to update and distribute quickly to customers or sales reps. Product Catalogs require accurate data entry and constant updating and maintenance.

Snappii, a rapid mobile app development company, offers many mobile retail apps for the Product Catalogs as a convenient and easy-to-use mobile solution that will increase your productivity by organizing your product information, having a total control over it, tracking statuses of all items you offer to your customers and enabling mobile payments. Not only it will simplify the process of managing all your products, but also improve customer satisfaction. Your customers can now have instant access to your most recent and updated product catalog with a single mobile retail app. You are just a one button click away from a new product order with a mobile retail app which is a good fit for your business. Mobile apps prove a fact that in 2015 people are making more purchases via their smartphones and tablets than with their PCs. Why wait? Keep up with the times and have your own mobile retail app now.

Native iOS and Android mobile retail app allows its users to:

  • Display product catalogues
  • Add goods to shopping cart
  • Enable mobile payments
  • Interact with your back end systems to adjust inventory
  • Have total control over the production flow
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Save time and reduce costs

A reason #1 why you need a mobile retail app

This is simple. Your competition already has it. If you can’t give your consumers what they are looking for, they will most likely find it somewhere else – at your competition. Respond to your competitors and leverage your customers\\\' new ways of shopping by mobilizing your customer experience. Empower your workforce with a mobile retail app for optimizing your business workflow. Having a mobile retail app, a customer can buy from you anytime from anywhere.

Besides having a mobile presence, you can and should collect your customers’ feedback to always give your clients the best shopping experience. With a mobile retail app, it is easy to set up a survey form that can be sent to you anytime. Another cool feature to engage your customers is to send them Push Notifications and Alerts. In the 21st century the best marketing is engaging your customers with a mobile device. Everybody has a smartphone or a tablet. Sending notifications and alerts right to your customers’ devices is the best way to gain their attention. Here’s another reason you need a mobile retail app.

Snappii offers a set of pre-built business mobile apps to help in your retail business. Mobile apps are a great way to interact with your customers. A Product Catalog business mobile app is designed for the consumer packaged goods industry. This app will display your product catalog, help your customers find the goods they need, make online payments and more. A Farmers’ Markets mobile retail app is a perfect solution to get your store listed on a map, and attract more buyers. List your products, take photos, add prices, contact information and working hours. Another cool app for retailers is Rental Business Management. This app is a universal mobile solution designed to help today\\\'s real estate, vacation, car and other rental professionals work more efficiently and effectively. You can create catalogs of houses, cars, vehicles – basically, anything you want to give out for rent, and track rent statuses. As soon as you start using these apps, you will see the enormous increase of your business. Mobile apps are here to stay and you can’t ignore their popularity. In the 90s your business had to have a website, today, your business has to have a mobile retail app to be visible for your consumers.

How to get a cool mobile retail app?

With the growing demand for business mobile apps, IT companies cannot meet all these needs alone. Here’s when codeless mobile app development platforms come into play. Snappii, a rapid mobile app development platform, can literary create any business mobile app in a matter of just a few days. Just imagine the boost in your productivity caused by a mobile retail app. You can order the app for your business, wait a couple weeks and enjoy the result. No need to wait many months and spend thousands of hundreds of dollars on mobile app development. Business mobile apps are now cheap and affordable. To get a mobile retail app for your business, you can either download the business mobile apps listed above and request customization of these, or order a custom app from Snappii. Business mobile apps built on Snappii platform can be delivered to you in days, not months. This can be achieved due to a rapid codeless solution. A prototype for your mobile retail app will be ready in 48 hours. Customers can interact with developers and make necessary changes to a working app instantly.

Business mobile apps solution is the next step to promote your business, gain online visibility and engage your customers. A mobile retail app is a perfect fit for businesses that want to boost sales, manage their products, speed up inventory and satisfy their customers.

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