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Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives and printed, if needed.

iOS & Android Mobile Productivity Apps for:

  • Collect necessary data utilizing tablets and smartphones
  • Eliminate paperwork and go green
  • Create PDF and Excel reports
  • Work in offline and online modes
  • Review,edit and share already collected data
  • Capture text, numeric, signatures, photos, geo location, QR and bar codes
  • Store captured date on your own device
  • Add calculations and data validation
  • Store data on Network drives

Mobile Apps for Productivity

Productivity is a crucial factor in production performance of firms and nations. Increasing national productivity can raise living standards because more real income improves people’s ability to purchase goods and services, enjoy leisure, improve housing and education and contribute to social and environmental programs. Productivity growth also helps businesses to be more profitable.

As a post-PC world unfolds, business executives are turning to a growing array of mobile business apps to increase efficiency and productivity. In most cases the value of business apps is not always represented in real dollars and cents, but apps are a great way to provide employees with powerful tools to optimize the workflow and hence the productivity and hence the future income of the company. Here are some examples of apps which benefit different spheres and business processes but ultimately extremely boost efficiency of whole business, in other words a set of major apps for productivity.

Task management apps

Task management is an essential part of everyday life of any business owner or manager. Special business apps can optimize their task management processes and save a lot of time. Such apps for productivity allow users to control this productivity itself and be aware of all business operations which influence it.

Time management apps

Time management is a key point of any successful business operation. Good time management is directly connected with the work progress and productivity. Among the apps for productivity the time management apps need special attention as they are an opportunity to maximize work and have great advantages.

Apps for work with data

Practically all businesses deal with piles of different documents such as reports, inspections, legal documentation, deal documentation and others. It can take a lot of time, force and money and adversely affect the productivity. Apps for productivity also don’t leave data work without special attention. Mobile forms and different features for their processing help to eliminate paperwork, save time and boost productivity.

These mobile business apps can increase productivity significantly within the workplace, so their adoption across businesses could be the obvious solution for this problem. This is not all kinds of apps for productivity and to feel the fullness of their diversity and capabilities, turn to Snappii.

Snappii offers mobile business apps for productivity

Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, offers its apps for productivity to:

  • collect necessary data utilizing tablets and smartphones;
  • store captured data for instant processing and work;
  • eliminate paperwork and go green;
  • work in offline and online modes;
  • make necessary calculations;
  • accelerate business processes;
  • create high-quality rapid reports.

Snappii apps for productivity have a broader focus on the industries and areas of activity. Moreover, practically any specialist from business owner to inspector can find a suitable solution to make his work more convenient and professional.

Snappii solutions are a mix of:

- Flexibility

The main way in which business apps increase productivity is by enabling more flexibility among employees. By always being available on portable mobile devices, apps can be a powerful business tool always willing to work in your pocket.

- Accessibility

Customizable set of features which is really very easy to use doesn’t need any special skills and can be accessible for any worker.

- Speed

Speed is something which Snappii is particularly proud of. Snappii is a rapid app development platform and this implies the development doesn’t go beyond a few weeks.

- High quality

The quality and security are the durable components of Snappii business apps. Speed and availability of its creation doesn’t affect the quality. It is something you can be strongly sure of.

Snappii’s top apps for productivity include such apps as:

  • Work Order Assigner
  • Job Estimate and Repair Order
  • HR App
  • Find Jobs and Offer Jobs
  • Sign In Guest Book
  • Inventory Anything
  • Trade Show Lead Collection
  • Billable Hours Tracker

and more others.

Snappii unique solutions

Also, Snappii business apps are known by their easy and quick customization. Any ready-made app can be changed specifically for your needs and wants. For our team it’s a task just of a few days. Just contact us and your ideas will transform into your powerful app’s features.

As technology becomes more available to non-specialists, people are finding new ways to carry out their experiments. Snappii gives them such an opportunity, offering its customers a codeless business app development platform due to which any person even with no programming skills can create an app for productivity and personally bring all ideas to life. It is the best way to create something unique and high-demanded.

Revolutionize your business life by using any of Snappii solutions. High productivity is the key to the successful development and Snappii is the key to increased productivity and effective and satisfactory work.

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