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Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives and printed, if needed.

iOS & Android Mobile Real Estate Apps for:

  • Present catalogs with properties for sale
  • Check multiple photos, house information and pricing
  • Find properties on the map and get directions
  • Custom property search
  • Add notes and comments for properties that interest you and send them to the agent
  • Easily get in touch with agents by one button calling, emailing or SMS
  • Sent push notifications announcing special deals and offers
  • Substitute paper forms with mobile forms
  • Sign documents and get signatures quickly and easily
  • Support connectivity with corporate systems databases and web services

Mobile Apps for Real Estate

The age of smartphones and tablets has descended upon us so quickly and intensively that it might best be likened to a revolution rather than simple progress. Having PCs and laptops are not enough for modern business specialists, they need more mobility and flexibility. Today, mobile technology is an integral part of almost every industry.

Mobile technology in real estate

As the global economy shows signs of revival and valuations correct, the outlook for commercial real estate once again appears promising. To address the gradually growing demand, real estate specialists need constant and strong help and mobile technology gives it to them. Having a powerful real estate app allows users to work more effective and productive.

How real estate industry takes advantages of real estate apps

Inspection solution Each realtor regularly deals with pre-sale inspections. Fortunately, now special real estate apps can assist them in this process. It’s much easier to identify signs and deterioration or failure, note them instantly into the app for future fixing and reporting. Such apps are ideal for performing house inspections for fire prevention, safety, maintenance, storage, occupancy, etc. Also, inspection real estate apps allow users to inspect such important building system components as electrical and heating systems, housekeeping and private protection, emergency and more. It’s significantly easier to plan inspections and control its regularity.

Communication and collaboration with customers Real estate apps help agents and property managers in the real estate industry connect with customers on the go. Specialists can use such apps to immediately get or provide the information, make quick decisions and connect with customers for other important issues. Nowadays customers want constant support and collaboration and apps for real estate can easily provide it to them.

Work with data Real estate is a paper busy industry which always deals with different documentation. However, gone are the days when each report, announcement, contract and different reports were made in paper. Real estate specialists are moving far from conventional monotonous and time consuming paperwork and grasping the pattern of “going paperless”. Modern real estate apps with mobile forms and different features for their processing, collecting and storage make any work process much more convenient, easy and fast.

These are far from being all of benefits of real estate apps. Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, offers its powerful apps for real estate industry to prove once again cost-effectiveness of this solution which streamlines the whole business process, increases productivity and incomes.

Why namely Snappii’s real estate apps

Snappii’s real estate apps are a mix of quality, flexibility and availability. No other company can offer such unique and useful features for your real estate agency. Use Snappii’s mobile apps for real estate to:

  • Present catalogs with properties or sale;
  • Custom property search;
  • Conduct quick and high-quality inspections;
  • Constantly communicate and collaborate with customers;
  • Support connectivity with corporate systems databases and web services;
  • Process data using mobile forms solution and different features for work with data;
  • Find properties on the map and get directions.

With Snappii you have three ways to get the app for real estate industry.

Ready-made real estate apps

Download ready-made app from Snappii’s collection and start to enjoy its benefits right now. We offer such successful apps for real estate industry as:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Property Inspection for iPad and Android Tablet
  • Rental Business Management
  • Commercial and Residential Building Inspection
  • Inspect Anything
  • Rental Business Management

If you are not satisfied with the ready-made form, our team can easily customize the app to meet your needs and wants in days. We help you to get the ideal solution for your work.

Custom mobile app development

You can order your personal real estate app and participate in the whole development process. Your ideas and needs will be easily met. Also, you will be pleased by the speed of the process. Snappii’s custom mobile app development is a task of a few weeks. Our professionals make all to satisfy their customers and to contribute the success of their business.

DIY app development

Snappii’s codeless drag and drop mobile app development platform allows people even with no programming skills to create business apps. You can build the app in the cloud and test it immediately. Security, scalability and reliability are also provided. You can easily become a real developer and have a great feature-rich app.

Mobile technology is a part of modern life and it majorly identifies the readiness of the business for future development. Snappii’s apps for real estate is a way to make a huge breakthrough in the industry and get a great success. Thy show the status of the company and reinforce the confidence.

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