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Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment Industry requires keeping machines in a good working order and in a safe condition, ensure safety of people and machines working in the field, eliminate accidents.

Snappii offers many mobile apps for the Heavy equipment Industry as a convenient and easy-to-use mobile solution that will help operators, drivers, technicians, contractors and other heavy equipment professionals to perform detailed inspections of the equipment they use with their smartphones or tablets.
    Native iOS and Android apps allow professionals:
    • Performing inspections on the spot
    • Ensure safety of employees and equipment
    • Keep machines in a good working order
    • Avoid accidents
    • Improve data accuracy
    • Increase efficiency
    • Optimize the workflows
    • Save time and reduce costs
    • Eliminate paperwork and go green
    These are just some of the many ways Snappii is mobilizing the Heavy Equipment industry.


As a nonprofit trade association WWPI has been educating architects, engineers, code inspectors and government officials on how to use treated wood for over 60 years. This typically requires a scaled down 50 page document, that gets put on a shelf and forgotten. Snappii proved we could replace this document and do much more in one app.
Snappii took the data on treated wood we provided and created an interactive app with full functionality to: search and sort for any end use, answer any questions, find information on preservatives and connect with us through social media. They even added our custom end-tag images with each summary page so that everything could be personalized for each project, removing any doubt and confusion on how to select the treated wood needed. Doing an app through Snappii allowed WWPI to give out more data while keeping it simple and user friendly enough that anyone could find the right information quickly.
I did my homework on all the different app development programmers and platforms out there and Snappii was by far the best value for the cost. The ability to create an app was a scary prospect to me but I was able to play with Snappii’s free software enough to become comfortable, that I could create the app and make most of the changes without fear. I opted to hire Snappii to do most of the work as I did not have the time. They met all my budget and time requirements and the professional services team did not disappoint. In fact they went beyond the original scope and improved the app beyond my vision. To get our app out of the gate there was nothing better than Snappii and as our app continues to gain interest, we can begin to start coding even more advanced features to enhance the app and take it to the next level.

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