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HR professionals and employees have to deal with lots of paperwork on a daily basis. Snappii offers mobile apps that offer HR professionals and employees to do HR tasks more professionally, quickly and easily. The apps will keep HR professionals equipped with the latest tool that will help handle HR tasks quickly and easily. With a mobile app HR professionals can forget about loads of paper they had to deal with, improve accuracy and eliminate paperwork.
Native iOS and Android apps allow HR professionals to:
  • Improve workflow by keeping weekly time sheets clean and clear
  • Track work times, projects, locations and then email the information for approval
  • Report accidents which happened on premises and in the field
  • Track out-of-pocket, cash and company credit card expenses for reimbursement with the Report Travel Expenses form
  • While interviewing an applicant, make notes and store them right on a device to assort candidates for vacant jobs
  • Send private Paid-Time-Off and vacation requests to supervisors for a review
  • Calculate Salary and Turnover rates
  • Send and receive Push Notifications
  • Process data quickly and easily
  • Increase efficiency and data accuracy
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Eliminate paperwork and go green
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