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Mobile forms

Forms take place in every industry: people have to deal with invoices, perform inspections, schedule appointments and more. Paper forms are not practical, can get damaged or lost. Snappii introduces mobile forms solution.

Snappii mobile forms are completely customizable. Users can immediately begin collecting data on their Tablets and Smartphones. Store it as a PDF or Excel document in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and your mobile device or simply email it as PDF and Excel document.Save it in a cloud database for access and reporting.Start with data collection today knowing that you can add powerful features at any time. We’re the only company that can make this claim. Key Features of Snappii Mobile Forms:
  • Collect any data
  • Test and update forms
  • Store Data Anywhere
  • Online/Offline Mode
  • Add galleries and lists
  • Add social networks, signatures, bar codes, QR codes, numbers, text, multiple choice, and location, GPS, photos, video and audio
  • Connect to any ERPs and CRMs
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