Snappii mobile business app for Rental business management

Rental business management

Snappii offers many mobile apps for rental business management than anybody in the industry. A mobile business app will help you increase your productivity by organizing your rental information, having a total control over it, tracking statuses of all items you offer for rent and automating the reporting option.

Native iOS and Android apps allow you to:
  • Create a mobile database of the items for rent
  • Have a full access to the data base via the app: add, edit and delete items
  • Lease items to the customers via the app
  • Create rental reports that include rental details, customer’s information, payment data and the quote for the service
  • Change item status from ‘Available’ to ‘Rented Out’
  • Track items according to their statuses
  • Automatically calculate the quote for the rent based on the time it is rented for
  • Retrieve PDF rental reports and share them
  • Work in online/offline mode
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