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Wal-Mart Is Taking Advantage of Mobile Solutions

Wal-Mart Is Taking Advantage of Mobile SolutionsWal-Mart Stores Inc., an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of discount department stores and warehouse stores, revealed details about its mobile businesses and projects at its 22 Annual Investor Meeting last week. The main takeaway: mobile fosters a more loyal, connected Continue reading “Wal-Mart Is Taking Advantage of Mobile Solutions” »

3 Ways of App Delivery

iphone-933205_1920There are 3 ways of getting mobile business apps: get them developed in house, purchase existing ready-made apps, or get them customized/developed from scratch by a third-party.

Organizations can develop their own apps, but mobile development requires unique skills and significant investments. This held true until Continue reading “3 Ways of App Delivery” »

Mobile Solutions in Rental Business

Mobile Solutions in Rental Business Commonly people rent houses and vehicles; however, nowadays there is a possibility to rent almost everything. For example, one can rent a hardware tool which is quite expensive and that he knows will be used only once for the given construction project. Another example is party equipment. Party Continue reading “Mobile Solutions in Rental Business” »

Mobile Solutions for Warehouse Inventory

Mobile Solutions for Warehouse InventoryBusinesses and organizations of all sizes have to manage, control and track inventory of their products for the successful operation of the company. Today efficient inventory management is even more crucial for success and sustainability as business transactions take place on a global scale and cover multiple Continue reading “Mobile Solutions for Warehouse Inventory” »

App Store Optimization. A Significant Piece of App Success

App Store Optimization. A Significant Piece of App Success According to Flurry Analytics, mobile app usage grew an impressive 76% last year. Nowadays mobile apps are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction and customer engagement. Developing a mobile app for your business is a great way to connect with your target audience, drive sales or boost brand loyalty. For Continue reading “App Store Optimization. A Significant Piece of App Success” »

Enterprise Mobility: Expectations and Trends

for blogEnterprise mobility is the hottest trend of modern business. Organizations around the world and of all sizes have recognized the magnanimous power of mobile devices and mobile business apps in maximizing efficiency, improving workflow, and enhancing communication. Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility: Expectations and Trends” »

Mobile Technology Capabilities and Predictions

for blogGartner Analysis

In “Top 10 Mobile Technologies and Capabilities for 2015 and 2016”, Gartner, an information technology research and advisory firm, discussed some technologies and capabilities that will be critical to organizations wanting to unlock the full potential of mobility as part of their Continue reading “Mobile Technology Capabilities and Predictions” »

Amazon Launches AWS Mobile Hub for Rapid App Development

for blogAt the Re:Ivent conference in Las Vegas on October 9, Amazon announced the launch of its AWS Mobile Hub, a service for building, testing, deploying and then monitoring iOS and Android apps. It will help developers offload responsibilities for dealing with back-end cloud services. As Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels Continue reading “Amazon Launches AWS Mobile Hub for Rapid App Development” »

Tips for Choosing a Business App

for blogChoosing a business app is not the same as choosing a consumer app as you have to consider who, when, and how often will use it and whether the app will really simplify your workflows. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a perfect app for your business at first glance. That is why the tips below can be helpful on your quest for an ideal app for your business. Continue reading “Tips for Choosing a Business App” »

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