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The #1 Productivity Tool on the Market

Apps are the most powerful tool you could provide your workers with.

They can’t take down buildings nor hoist a piece of metal fifty feet into the air, nor can they bend steel, but apps provide a world of functionality that would not be available any other way.

Take into the account the amount of times it takes to properly inspect the scaffolding of a project. The inspector will have to come in on a daily basis to make sure that all pieces are in accordance – after a few weeks that adds up to quite a bit of times spent and a lot of money spent on paper. The person inspecting constantly has to look down to their clipboard, find their pen behind their ears – and it all only lengthens the project further.

Or perhaps your the type of firm that enters data all day from these inspections. The inspector then has to take the form back to the office, without damaging them, and the office then has to file these forms into their own cabinets. Before long, the entire office is filled with these cabinets lining the walls, and finding something in them would be like finding hay in a haystack. The whole process takes up space, time, effort and most importantly money.

Snappii aims to reduces this clutter by enabling businesses to change their workflow to collaborate with a mobile app. Apps can help to alleviate the burden of paper and improve the communication throughout the company exponentially. With access to features like push notifications, chat, automatically filled daily logs and more, Snappii is looking to redefine the industry with it’s average turn-around time for making a complete app being around a single week.

Here are some other way’s Snappii can help your business:

Automatically Save Your Paper Reports

One of the biggest issues I have with paper is that looking for an old report is a flat-out waste. You spend hours looking through filing cabinets, not really sure if you’re in the right place. The cabinets themselves take up a massive amount of space, and they weigh a ton. This only causes headaches, especially when your company is moving to a new building.

Mobile apps cure the paper disease by archiving everything you do in the app to a seperate database. Even if you don’t back up your own forms created through the app, the Snappii website will store them to your account so that you can access them at a later date. The website automatically uses filters on these reports as well, which means it’s easy to look up certain elements related to a project like date or client.

Works on All Platforms

With all the different operating systems floating around nowadays, it can be difficult to make sure everyone’s on the same page. We have Apple offering an operating system on both phones and desktops, and now even Windows is trying to join the forray with their proprietary devices and app store.

Because all of Snappii’s apps are generated right on their platform, it’s easy to push the apps as either Android, Apple or even HTML5 formats. And because it works on every system, you can make sure that every employee is looking at the same exact piece of software. This can help in a multitude of ways, including actually teaching your employees to use the software – a learning hurdle that every company has to go through when adopting these apps.

Mobile Forms in an Instant

Forms are the backbones of a lot of businesses. The ability to take information and move it into a digital landscape has become important to firms over the years, and the traditional way of recording, and then later adding it to the database, is not the most efficient way to do it anymore.

Using Snappii’s rapid development platform, there are two ways to make forms. The easier way is to load a PDF that you already use into the editor, and place fields accordingly. Once the fields are in place, you can use the form on your phone and print from it just as if it was a normal computer.

The other way, which still allows you to print, is to make the form from scratch using the form editor. This will allow some extra functionality, including the ability to track where the form was being recorded. This feature will allow you to keep your eyes on your employees at all times, right from your phone.


There’s many ways Snappii can help out your business with a mobile app. Even if you’re looking to use it more for marketing rather than actual functionality for your business, having a form can increase your productivity tenfold. To order a custom form through Snappii, click here. If you would like to enter the Snappii lab and try to make a form yourself, click here.

Skilled Labor Made Easy with an App


Skilled labor is a sector of the industry that is often overlooked, and it’s beginning to show. What used to be a booming vocation is now facing it’s first lost in job growth since 2007. The demand for skilled labor workers has never been higher, yet schools aren’t necessarily filled with students ready to learn the intricacies of plumbing, for whatever reason. Back in the 70’s, the ages with the most earned wages in these vocations were 20 to 35 year-olds, and yet schools are facing a higher dropout rate from these ages than ever.

Its clear that the industry is struggling for growth in sheer numbers, but there are still ways to make your business more efficient without the need for extra people. While not applicable to every problem, mobile business apps can go a long way in making a job go from requiring 3 people, to 1. There may not be an easy answer to motivate the youth to take jobs in these vocations, but there are ways to make work flow more smoothly in general. However, I don’t wan to discredit skilled labor – the app will make things easier, but it won’t make the job “easy”.

At Snappii, we have quite a few different solutions when it comes to skilled labor jobs. Having worked with nearly every sector of every industry, we’ve had run-ins with skilled laborer’s many times. Using the Snappii Labs editor, we took the information that we gathered from their requirements, and made our own apps. These apps can be found on both the Android and iOS markets right now – just type “Snappii” into the search bar, or click here. If you want to check out the Snappii Labs editor that we used to make those apps, click here.

If you’ve been to our homepage, you’ve probably seen the near-endless amount of app templates we have available. If you’re a skill laborer that’s looking for an app to lighten the load of some of the processes of your business, check out the Job Estimate Repair Order app. Here’s some of it’s features:

Accurate estimates
The Job Estimate Repair Order app comes installed with certain calculators to make the job easier. Need to know how much paint a room needs, or how much lumber you’ll need for a square space? The app comes pre-loaded with many of these calculators, and uploading it into the editor to change which of these calculators show is extremely easy. Line it up so that they match the ones your specific business needs, and you’ll have an easy way to print accurate invoices before your truck even leaves the clients house.

Invoices right away
Did I mention invoices right away? Fix yourself up with a battery-powered printer like this one and you’ll be able to wirelessly print from the app directly to your printer. If you really want to wow your clients, combine this technology with a tablet, and watch their eyes light up when you show them that they can sign the signature pad with their finger on a brand new iPad. Presentation is important, and this gives you the added bonus of having invoices at a moments notice. You can even send it to their email for back ups.

Also, it’s digital, not paper
Email backups means that the files will be available on the computer. You can access the Snappii website to see these files, or email them to a Dropbox to keep them backed up for your personal records. No more endless paperwork or massive filing cabinets taking up your home office. You can have your entire archive in the palm of your hands in seconds, complete with filters for certain dates, clients and even addresses.

Snappii also gives you the ability to completely customize the apps, allowing you to change certain things to fit your business’s workflow. It may sound complicated, but the Snappii Labs editor is purely visual, ensuring that you can draw your app instead of coding it. It takes advantage of the computers landscape, allowing you to drag-and-drop most features. Our developers can also link the app to specific back-end systems to your app, even proprietary ones. Businesses that have software that was specifically created for a purpose will be able to connect to apps on their mobile devices seamlessly. If you don’t believe it’s that easy, give it a go! Click here to enter the Snappii Lab.

Tips on App Building Strategies


Before you begin development on your “big app” idea, it’s important to come up with a strategy on how you’re going to tackle it. A properly executed strategy will pay dividends in the long run by eliminating unnecessary errors and obvious visual problems before the app even gets out there. For enterprises that are going to be using the app as a tool, this is imperative. It is important to remember that the purpose of a mobile app in the first place is to make jobs easier. If the app is poorly executed because of lack of planning, then it’ll be more than a headache than a relief.

Opportunities to make apps are coming up more and more, which is why I feel like I need to talk about how to tackle the big project. We get a lot of users that understand the gist of what they expect the app to be, but they almost never have a way to flesh it out past the pencil and paper they drew the initial designs on. While making the app, it is inevitable that you’ll run into some challenges that you can’t simply muscle through. In these cases, the strategy you developed will be the crutch of the situation.

Snappii is a mobile app development company that has been making apps for years. We’ve learned how to get an idea to go from paper, to phone efficiently and without hold-ups, which is why we’re extending some tips on how to make your app idea come to live with absolutely zero coding or programming experience. All you need is a computer to get started. Check this link out for more info.

Office software integration

Before you even start thinking about the design and look of the app, you need to know what it is the app is doing. This may seem obvious, but we get a lot of users that approach us with a really neat looking app, but wouldn’t be able to tell you the first thing about how it functions. The funny part is that there’s a place you can go within your company that will give you the road map for your app.

Always check what the guys in the office are using to do their work, and be sure to ask them what would make the job easier. If your guys are tired of writing numbers down on a paper only to input it into a software on the computer later, then you know your app has to alleviate that problem – same goes for most other problems you’ll encounter while developing the app. Your employees will be your greatest resource for functionality. Remember, the mobile app is a tool to make their lives easier. Make sure that it behaves and responds like one.

Multiple layers of functionality

You want to make your app as easy as possible to use. There are going to be cases where you have multiple people using the same app, but person A does not need all the functionality that person B needs. This gives an opportunity for person A to go into the wrong part of the app, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. This is also totally fixable.

To do this, apps can have what’s known as roles. Roles will basically tell the app that person A is only allowed to see this set of features, while person B has these extra features and so on. Having control of what your users see when they make it inside the software can be beneficial, and save you a lot of headaches and silly questions in the future. Likewise, you want to have administrative control for your app, so letting yourself have the power to oversee anything is another way roles can help.

Offline performance

You can’t have your guys sacrificing their work time because the app is ‘syncing’ or just flat out doesn’t respond in offline areas. This is a problem I see with a lot of apps nowadays, even commercial ones that have huge corporations backing them – no internet, no app. And if you’re using this for your guys out on the field, then there’s a good chance they’ll run into this same dilemma.

But, there’s an easy way to fix it, especially using Snappii: make the app do the bulk of the work rather than sending it off to a server. Then, whenever the app is connected to the internet, it can send the queued list to wherever it needs to go automatically. Snappii has this functionality automatically built-in into all apps that we’ve made with our editor, so it’s a nice bonus to consider when you’re shopping around for app creators. You don’t want to leave your guys out in the dark, and with Snappii there won’t be any extra development to make sure that doesn’t happen.


After doing this for so long, you start to notice trends on what people want and what flat out doesn’t work. Over the years, Snappii has seen a lot of apps ideas come and go, some being great and others lacking greatly. The one thing that separates these apps is having a dedicated creator who is driven to see the app come into fruition. Even when the apps were less than extraordinary, the persistence and innovation of the creator can turn it around. Adding a strategy is the icing on the cake. And with the help of the Snappii team, there’s no way you won’t be able to eat it too. Check us out today!

Use an App to Make Work-Orders

If you have a job that involves you driving to multiple, sometimes even double digits, locations a day, there needs to be some level of organization to your work or you’re going to lose your mind. Part of the job when it comes to field services is having your documents ready when you need them, even at unexpected times.

But paper is kind of a hassle. Not only is it cumbersome, but it’s difficult to sort through when you actually need to find a document. They’re easy to misplace, and even easier to damage if you’re not careful. A lot of the times, workers have to return these work-orders for data entry at the end of the day, resulting in a nightmare of paperwork for the in-house staff. Just because of paper, the entire process gets choked up. Caught on processes that should be relatively easy.

Mobile apps are the same apps that a smartphone user would install on their phone. Think of it like your banking, or GPS app. Snappii, a mobile app development shop, has developed a platform that allows users with no coding experience to develop an app to their exact specifications. The Snappii team can leverage the platform for you, or you can try it out yourself – either way, it’s free until you publish, and relatively inexpensive after that. We’ve even developed some sample apps already that you can access in the Play and iTunes store. Click here to check those out.

Field service companies have relied on paperwork for a long time, but with the advances that technology has made in recent years, it’s becoming easier to ditch the paper and pencils altogether and develop an app. Here’s some other reasons why digitizing your business process might be the best decision you’ve made for your company:

Quick Work Orders

The biggest advantage to using a mobile app is the amount of time that is saved when approaching the paperwork digitally. There’s a few ways the user can save time within the app.

Because the paperwork will be inside of a mobile form, it gives some flexibility that otherwise would not be available. Creating drop-downs, for example, eliminates the need for the user to actually type anything. The same can be said for check-boxes, radio buttons, and some other input fields. A user can also have templates for certain customers, ensuring that they’ll be able to see specific details about the customer as well.

Another great way to save time while using a mobile form are audio notes. If the inspector doesn’t want to spend time typing on the phone, or tablet in some cases, they can go straight to talking. Since the form is logged digitally, the voice note will be saved alongside the file seamlessly. I’m sure there’s more than a few inspectors that would appreciate a more hands-free approach.

One size fits all app

There could be a chance that some of your workers aren’t very savvy when it comes to switching between devices. Sure they may be useful on their phone, put set them up on a computer and they have no idea what’s what. Same could be said for some people that primarily work on the computer and barely use their mobile devices. This sort of divide can make things confusing because different software’s communicate differently – there may not always be a way to connect the database with the field software.

A mobile app, however, can be used across any device. Android and Apple products are a given, but a HTML5 enabled app will also be available through a website. This means that even the secretaries back at the office will be able to see what the people on the field see, exactly how they see it, instantly.


There’s countless benefits that an app can provide to your business. The best part about it is that it can all be done from a device that can be found in a lot of your workers pockets already. We’ve listed a few of the benefits about owning an app here, but check out our past blogs to see some more neat features that come with having an app. If you’re interested in building an app, check out this link for more details on how you can do that. If you would like to contact Snappii’s sales team to inquire about building an app, click here.

Streamline Your Business With An App


With how accessible software has become in recent years, it’s almost mind blowing to me when I discover a shop doesn’t have an app of some sort.

I used to go to this pet store specifically because they sold this brand of food. The pet store itself had a punch-card system where if you bought the same food a certain amount of times in a row, you would get a free bag of food. Whenever I would purchase something at the store, they would pull out a massive portfolio overflowing with papers. They would fish around for my name for a few minutes, until finally they found my specific punch-card. It was primitive. Not to mention I never did get to that free eleventh bag.

Sure, this was acceptable once upon a time. Back when software was hard to create, and phones barely had enough memory to hold a few phone numbers. But we live in a different time now, one where most technology is there for the taking, if you’re willing to grab it.

Snappii is an app company that has revolutionized the way apps are made in today’s fast paced business world. By developing a platform to create apps, Snappii is able to push out apps much faster, cheaper and efficiently than most other brands out there. With features that include unlimited prototyping, all of the most popular app functions and even HTML5, Snappii might surprise you with what it can do. Contact one of our sales associates today for a quote.

Templates are the bread and butter of Snappii’s DIY platform. And we have some for almost every occasion. If you’re a retail store that is looking to make things a bit more efficient, check out these templates:


This would have been great for that pet food store I was talking about. The Supermarket template allows you to put your catalog up for sale within the app. Aside from acting as another form of marketing through sending customers exclusive coupons, it also gives customers some additional freedoms that wouldn’t be possible without a mobile app. Customers can pay before-hand and then come pick up their goods when they’re available. Customers can also check if you have an item, and if not, when you will have it.

But most importantly, it gives you a way to communicate with your customers. If a customer notices a problem within the store, the app can act as a way for them to contact the store via a forum. Placing questions in a forum allows others to comment on it, which will give you a sense on the areas that could use work throughout your store.

Product Catalog

Just like the last app, this one also benefits as a sort of medium between you and your potential customers. Product Catalogs, however, tend to be more on the informative side rather than the persuasive one. If your a company that sells heavy machinery, for example, the product catalog can offer a clean and accessible way for your sales associates to pull up pictures and details about your products. Just by having an app at all you increase your chances of eyeballs on your brand, so it could be an extremely profitable decision for some business owners.


Most of these apps will be pre-customized so that you can start using them right away. That said, we know a lot of businesses can differ even if they’re in the same sector, so we also give the user access to the app editor so they can customize things themselves. For more information on our form editor, sign up with Snappii and check out the “My Account” page.

Snappii is constantly looking to improve it’s…well…everything. If you have any suggestions for improvements you’d like to see in the site, platform, or anywhere else, let us know.





Geo-Tracking Can Get You More Customers

If you haven’t heard, a new technology called geo-tracking has been spreading through the smartphone industry like wild-fire. Geo-tracking allows you to track where an individual, or in some cases equipment, is, via their smartphone. With certain apps, this geo-tracking feature can be hidden in such a way that the user will not know that their location is being sent out.

If Geo-tracking was around when I was a teen, I probably would have spent most of my childhood behind barred bedroom windows.

Businesses are finding more and more ways to use Geo-tracking capabilities. From the construction industry to public safety, geo-tracking can be used in a myriad of ways. Normally, an app that has the capability to geo-track can cost a fortune, but by using Snappii’s intuitive app-editor you can create an app that does all of the above (and more!) for FREE (14-Day-Trial).

So how does geo-tracking capabilities help all sorts of different businesses?

Geo-Tracking in Universities

Campus security all around America has been tightening up due to an increase in campus violence in the past few years. As students get smarter about how they commit crimes, campus security had to keep up and fight back.

Aside from knowing exactly where every officer is at any moment, geo-tracking helps university security by pinpointing where a victim could be. The victim simply has to open their university app, press a button, and the campus security will be informed of their exact location. By enabling the users to push their location to university officers, even students on the run can be kept safe no matter where they are. And because most universities have wi-fi in every corner, no student is left stranded in dangerous situations.

Schedule Dispatchers and Routes

Businesses that dispatch fleets have had the technology to view where their fleets are for a while, but it required special hardware to be mounted onto the vehicles in order to work properly. This hardware has always been an expensive option, and fixing them was as much of a nightmare has installing them.

So what makes geo-tracking different? Geo-tracking workers by tracking the employee’s smartphone instead of their actual vehicle. Once the app is built, there are barely any additional cost associated with enabling geo-tracking in your business (especially if you use Snappii). It’s just a matter of downloading the mobile app on the employee’s mobile device, and informing them to leave their data on. Even if a driver does not have receive signal in certain areas, the dispatcher will be informed of their location as soon as the driver enters an area with signal again.

Tracking employees and contractors

Speaking of vehicles, companies that lend out vehicles have long sought after a way to track their employees to ensure they don’t use their vehicle outside of work. Employees that use vehicles out of the job not only present significant insurance issues, but can also cause tax-related issues as well. A similar technique can also be used for on-site equipment, like bulldozers.

Contractors (and even employees sometimes) are also notorious for over-quoting the cost of a job based on labor hours. Geo-tracking ensures the app-owner that contractors are spending the correct amount of time on and away from the job site. If an employee decides to lie about their hours, the report will show the discrepancy and correct disciplinary action can be taken – with proof!

Creating an app that has geo-tracking enabled can be a headache. With the cost of hiring developers at an all-time high, mobile apps have almost become exclusive to only the biggest companies with the deepest wallets. Snappii changes that.

Using Snappi’s industry-leading platform for building mobile apps, companies big and small can have the same technology for a fraction of the price. Try our app builder today with a FREE trial for 14-days (some apps are free for even longer than that!) and see how easy it is to put together your own geo-tracking mobile app.

Custom Doesn’t Mean Expensive

We do business with clients from all walks of life. From the service industry, to field work, to construction, a lot of different people approach us to build an app for their specific purpose. Through that, we were able to get a lot of experience working with people and all of their different industries – and we learned something. While the apps may differ, a lot of them ask for the same functionality.

This was the seed for the idea that grew into Snappii.

Our founder had a vision: instead of building apps one by one, he wanted a platform that allowed us to incorporate the features that kept coming up again and again. Things like GPS tracking, catalogs, and equipment managers were things that we found many different industries used, with only minute variations in between. It didn’t make sense to continue to rebuild this functionality over and over again. So, the platform took this idea and expanded on it. Over the years, Snappii has accrued a catalog of widgets and functionality you can add to any app made in our platform. And that is the bread and butter of our promise – rapid development for less than what you think it’ll cost.

There’s a reason we have a smiley face in the logo.

Snappii didn’t stop there. The pattern continued to repeat itself the more and more as our user base went up. Despite us having the widgets readily available, customers continued to approach us about creating an app just like this persons’, or something similar to what “that business” has. It dawned on us that a lot of the apps, even the more popular ones, are very similar in terms of structure, only varying slightly when it came to the formalities – extremely similar to the widgets that made up the app in the first place. After a few years of churning out apps with the platform, we began to realize how a lot of these industries were structured. Spa apps generally shared a lot of functionality with other spa apps, just like construction apps sharing features with other construction apps.

Because of this, Snappii created what later became to be known as app templates. The templates are exactly what they sound like – a bare-bones version of what is possible in our platform.


But the templates weren’t getting much traction at first. Sure, the idea of a minimalist version of an app is appealing, but what good is it if you can’t try it before you commit? So we pushed the templates into the app stores. The idea was to show the people what the platform was capable of, because surely if they saw it, they would want it for their own business. Calls began to come in saying “we want everything just like this template, but a few minor differences”.

While there have been a lot of app builders to come and try to take the throne, we have always felt like Snappii has held up well to the storm. Many app builders boast about features that can be added using their platform. While true, they still leave you very limited. In some cases, these apps are nothing more than just marketing tools with fancy UI’s and pictures. However, Snappii had something else in mind. With Snappii’s open-ended system, features can actually be created to fit a companies needs. For example, if a company uses a specific piece of software that is imperative to their business, they would have to run the chance that whatever app builder they are using will support that software. Snappii, though, doesn’t care what software you’re using – because our team of developers are trained to find ways to incorporate almost anything out there into our system with what’s known as connectors.

So say your accountant back at the office needs integration with their quick books – we’ve got her covered. Maybe your foremen needs some sort of integration with their database – we got him covered too. Snappii’s system is malleable enough that we can produce these heavily-loaded business apps, yet reliable enough to perform with even the most popular software out there.

Just to give you a taste of all that’s possible on our platform, check this out:

Those are all different widgets of functionality you can add – and that’s just the start of it. To check out more of Snappii’s unreal catalog, and a list of all the template apps we’ve created over the years, click here. If you want to contact our sales team to see what we can do for you and your business, click here.

Mobile Forms and the Hotel Industry

Although I’ve never worked in a hotel, I can imagine it’s one of the busiest and large-scale operations found in any single industry. Restaurants, spa’s, gift-shops – hotels have a lot of moving parts in place that can get messy even with an extremely competent staff. Much like a restaurant, it only works if all these pieces are flowing together and not clashing. You won’t get customers if your restaurant doesn’t look the part, even if you have a great staff, and the same goes for having a great looking restaurant and a less than average staff. Both facets need to come together seamlessly if you hope for success.

And, like most extremely difficult jobs out there, the bulk of assurance for these operations happening without a hitch falls on the shoulders of a single person. The General Manager is in charge of making sure all of these things function as well oiled machines, leaving little room for error so that the guest can enjoy their stay. The GM’s report their perspective to the owner of the facility directly, which means it’s imperative at the GM stays on top of every operation. With a pencil and paper, this becomes excruciatingly difficult.

Not for lack of trying, though. Things happen, and when there’s a lot of people moving around under one roof, things tend to get lost, damaged and even forgotten altogether. It goes without saying that for these type of large scale operations, paper is obsolete. Not only does this data need to be aggregated so that it’s all in the same place, it needs to be entered into a computer manually for posterity.

But what if you could take out the middle man? What if you could input information onto forms digitally, so that you never have to pick up a pen and paper?

Snappii is a revolutionary, new app building platform that allows anyone, even people with no coding experience, put together a full fledged mobile app to meet the needs of their business. Using our simple drag-and-drop editor, even the layman can fit together the exact form they need, or just upload one they’ve been using for years. For the hotel business, there’s a myriad of applications and utilities you can combine into your app, aside from the inclusion of your mobile forms.

But how? He’s a few ideas to help you get started:

Fun-Time Waivers – Most hotels have activities for their guest to partake in. Some of these activities, like jet-skiing, require that the guest sign a release form in case of accident. In some cases, guests may fail to completely fill out the form and employees can make a mistake by misplacing it. While these generally don’t get used because the employees, and even the guest themselves, are exercising extreme caution, there’s still a chance of accident. On the occasion that it does happen, you don’t want to have to sort through hundreds of release forms to find that specific guest. With digital forms, everything is indexed. You can look up old, completed forms through name, date, or any other parameter you set yourself.

Spot-Check Walkthrough’s – As the general manager, you probably have an excellent idea of how things should look, even at a glance. Snappii’s platform can enable you to make a form that allows you to record how things are going at a glance. The program even allows you to do some extra features, like taking pictures or recording voice notes. This can make the morning routine go by without a hitch, ensuring that everything that needs to be checked is done so before the operations of the day begin. Like every form produced through Snappii, it’s all archived so that looking for it later is a breeze – and you can get rid of those clunky filing cabinets taking up space in your office too.

Your work at a glance

Snappii has helped a number of industries get over their ties to paper, and we continue to strive to bring this reality closer and closer to fruition. By replacing paper forms, data collection can be more about analyzing and less about arbitrary motions.

Put it this way: if a General Manager finally gets all the time they lost by doing their daily processes (inspections, operations, housekeeping, accounting…) then they’ll have more time to spend with their guests. They can take information correctly captured by other employees and review it in real-time, allowing for solutions to be presented as efficiently as possible. Issues with machines inside of the facility will get sent to the operation manager and get resolved in half the time. Food shortages will be reported right away, giving ample time to replace them. The General Manager can be the first to know about resources that need to be replenished, and much more.

In essence, it makes the General Manager’s job more about managing and less about crunching numbers that came after the fact. Full visibility, without ever having to leave the office – that’s Snappii’s promise. Try it out today!

HTML5 Can Save Your Business

Snappii’s constantly looking to improve.

Recently, Snappii added something called HTML5 to their repertoire of tricks. It took a while to finish, but now you can have a web-based version of your mobile app along with your Apple and Android versions. This means that any Windows or Mac computer will be able to access the app right from their browser. That might not sound like much, but it actually opens up a whole other world of possibilities.

How can it save your business? HTML5 gives the flexibility to use mobile apps from the comfort of your computer. If you’ve been on the fence about converting to a digital solution because of price, then this is the perfect solution that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

But how?

HTML5 boast the benefit of being ready immediately after you hit publish. The platform will email you a link with the email address, or you can connect to it on your phone via a QR code. These can pulled up on any device, even Windows devices, which were previously unavailable on the Snappii platform. Just like any other Snappii app, any changes you make to the app will immediately take place on the HTML5 version, so you have an unlimited amount of prototypes to test out all of the different ways the app can benefit you.

Instead of paying for the development of software to complete a job, you can create an app that can do the same function for much cheaper – and it will still be available on your PC or Mac. Just navigate your browser to the website of your choosing after publishing to HTML5. For example, our platform has a few different ways to incorporate inventory management that will allow you to not only stay on top of your product while you’re on the phone, but also when you’re at your desk on using a bigger monitor. Get all of the benefit of using software, in a malleable and light mobile app.

We’re not joking when we say malleable. Our form editor doesn’t require any sort of technical know-how and is extremely visual. Upload a PDF, drag-and-drop fields where you need them, and publish. Just like that, you made a fully functional piece of software. Check out one of our webinar recordings to see it in action.

What else is included with HTML5?3

For example, it adds a lot of functionality for creating connectors. Connectors are what let a user connect too other web applications. This can range anywhere from retail software too inspections, from construction reports to social media. Snappii has already developed some connectors that are available right now such as:

  • Salesforce
  • Mailchimp
  • Eventbrite
  • Blogger
  • Vimeo
  • Currency Rate
  • Twitter
  • Soundcloud

And we’re still developing even more connectors for the future. If you have any ideas for connectors that might be useful, contact our support team at

Another neat feature that came along with HTML5 is app-sites. It’s still a work in progress, but the idea is that a user who accesses a website from a mobile device will automatically be redirected to the HTML5 mobile app. It’s a great way to take your marketing to the next level, since apps offer an easy interface for potential clients to check out catalogs, and even order product. Restaurants, retail stores – almost any business can develop an app for much cheaper than they could software, and still impress their clients with technology.

Snappii is still developing different uses for HTML5, but it has already been widely received. If you want to try out Snappii’s industry-leading platform and see the benefits HTML5 can provide for your business, check out this link.

Why You Need An App For Your Construction Business

The construction industry has a lot of ground to cover.

I mean that both literally and figuratively. Despite the economy, over the past few years statistics have shown a steady increase in the construction industry. More things are being built in more places, and the amount of man-hours these infrastructures are requiring continue to climb. With not a lot of personnel to spare, the increase in work does not mingle well with the lack of labor. So how does a construction company stay on top of their business to keep bringing quality service?

Two words: mobile apps.

The idea of a mobile app, for a lot of people, could be discouraging. It’s no secret that the construction of software takes a vision, proper planning and, most important, the right team to see it through. It needs to be malleable so that people on the field will be able to use it just as effectively as people on the actual construction site. Same goes for those people who are waiting in the office all day for reports. An app has to be a Swiss army knife of utility, incorporating all the aspects of the business, from plans and drawings to markup photos. When it comes to app building, however, the common denominator is always the same even between industries: cost.

Snappii, a revolutionary app-building platform, aims to keep the cost and time associated with making an app to an absolute minimum. By leveraging the self-built platform, Snappii’s app developers are able to provide apps with serious utility to the end-user in as little as a few days. All it takes is an idea. Send it over to the Snappii sales team and they’ll inform you on how we can help your business. Click here for a quote.

For most cases, though, the idea itself is the cause of a lot of stress. What exactly can a business do in order to offset some of the work onto a computer?

Getting rid of paper

This is the reason many companies find us in the first place. There’s just too much paper in the office. Filing cabinets are begining to litter the walls, boxes filled with archived forms are clogging the halls, people are finding it difficult to actually find their desks – you name it.

One of the advantages of going with a mobile solution is that all of your paper needs suddenly get replaced by an all-in-one solution that fits in your pocket. Imagine this: your workers on the field completed their daily assignment and are now filling out their required logs that must be filed in the office. Replace the clipboard in their hand with a mobile device loaded with your latest version of your Snappii app, and a few things will happen. For starters, the report that they just filled out gets instantly send to the email of your choice. If you have a secretary in the office entering data into your backend system, this becomes as easy as opening an email and copy pasting the data created in the report.

Another advantage is that all of your receipts and logs will get indexed into a searchable archive that can be accessed at any time from the smart-device. Rather than searching through countless cabinets for that one specific form (for that one specific client), you can just input the data, name or job title and have it in front of your in an instant.

Increase communication

Yelling over the sound of loud machinery might not be the best way to get your message across to the foreman on the other side of the job site. Snappii remedied this by providing a way for coworkers to communicate right across the app with zero delay. The chat feature allows as many users as needed to be in the room, and can accomodate even the biggest construction jobs. You can’t misunderstand instructions if you have them written down, right?

Another huge benefit is the use of push notifications. Unlike an email, push notifications send a pop-up to your users that directly states your message to them before they even have a chance to close it. This can be extremely useful for dangerous situations, or if you just want to let the workers know if someone needs to make a coffee run. Push notifications have been widely used in the restaurant and sales industry, but I personally believe it has a lot of functionality and weight in the construction world as well. Like I said, you can’t mis-communicate when things are written down.

Unlimited changes

Finally, and probably the most useful part of having a mobile app, is that Snappii’s platform allows you to be flexible with the way you set up your app. With traditional apps, if you try something out only to find out that there’s an even better way it can work, you would have to rehire your developers and putting away in more funds for development time. There’s a good chance that you won’t be able to get the same developers either – once app shops are done, they’re done.

But, because Snappii works off a proprietary platform that was constructed just to push out apps in a quick and orderly fashion, you’ll never have to solely commit your ideas to paper. Just let the Snappii team know, and they’ll get back to you soon on how (and what) we can do to flesh your idea out. With quick changes, you’ll be able to see what works, what doesn’t, and what DEFINITELY doesn’t.

As I said before, the construction industry has a lot of ground to cover. Be the first in your industry to cross the finish line, and show how the power of technology can further enhance what is already an extremely efficient industry. Try out Snappii today for FREE for 14 days – you won’t regret it.

Work from home by being a Snappii Partner

Even before I knew what working was, I always had the dream of being able to work from home.

For a few years of my youth, my Dad was an insurance broker, and I remember being able to go into his home office with its large mahogany desk and hang out with him, a luxury that a lot of my friends at the time didn’t have. While their dads were doing the 9 – 5 grind, mine stood somewhere between the hard-work and the all-play. He always reminds me about how important it was to him that he was able to hang out with me while he worked, even if it was only for a few years.

But I digress. Back then, it was much more difficult to become self-employed. An insurance broker, for example, had to go through multiple tests and certifications before they could make a living working from home. Same goes for other occupations that are available from home, like realty. Then there were the clients, of which you had to be particularly charismatic if you were hoping to find some.

Things are different now, though. Apps are something that are becoming more of a universal necessity and less of a luxury only available to the absolute highest bidders. Normally, creating an app would sound like a task that could only be completed by someone who spent years mastering their craft. That is not the case anymore. With online app building platforms, like Snappii, users can log in and put together an app that can perform any business function. Additionally, the same app can be used to promote a business on many different levels. Try it out yourself today.

There’s a plethora of industries that can make use of mobile apps – and it’s mostly an untouched market. People are still under the impression that you need to be a programmer or coder in order to make apps, and while the platform isn’t so easy that anyone can do it, most people with some sort of computer literacy can complete an app front to back.

But just like my Dad and many others that try to start a business from home, the real problem comes from clients – or lack there of.


So how do I get clients as a app-building partner?

Well, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

For starters, most people that are interested in apps are business-owners themselves. Perhaps they heard of using apps from an associate, or they read it somewhere on a website, but the goal is the same – improve efficiency.

As a re-seller, your real job is to figure out how you can take a potential customers system, and re-imagine it through the lens of an app. The bad part about this is that it can be difficult, but the good part is that it’s almost always possible, which means every person who owns a business but doesn’t have an app is a potential client.

You won’t have to go far to find many businesses that fit this criteria. For example, how many of the restaurants that you pass on the way to work (or school) have an app that allows their customers to order a meal right from their phone? How many mom-and-pop stops do you think have a catalog of all their products that can be purchased and delivered from inside an app? What about those construction workers that have been working on building that one highway for what seems like years? Think of all the trouble you can save them by digitizing their forms, uploading their catalogs and configuring their payment systems through an app.

The world’s technology is advancing – but at a snail’s pace. There’s never been a more lucrative or prolific opportunity to join a growing market that, as long as you put yourself out there, almost guarantees success.

Master the platform, and become a master of your income. Try out Snappii today or click here to check out more details on our partner program.

No More Paper On The Field


For the functional side of construction, software plays a major role. Snappii, a leading mobile app developer, has committed themselves to providing a catalog of construction apps that will fit any niche within the industry.  Using the DIY platform on the website, it’s easy to mix-and-match the features you would like to see in your app with little to no coding knowledge. You can try some of the mobile app templates in Google Play or iTunes Market right now, or jump straight into the editor and try your hand at piecing together a mobile app. Either option is completely free for 14-days, so try it out today!

Traditionally, blueprint editing was only accessible while on a computer, and it was a pain to get it on a mobile device. Because of the lack of cloud services back then, it was also difficult to collaborate with your team. Markups would only be done individually, and seeing a coworkers notes would mean that you would need to use their mobile device.

Nowadays, things are a bit different. With the innovation of mobile apps, everything has become easier.

Sharing is productive

Any big project requires a team of people to complete it. There’s only so much a one-man show can accomplish. While Snappii does have mobile apps for even the self-made contractor, bigger jobs require better software.

Communication is always an issue on the field. With loud machines and people trying to scream over them, there’s a good chance that even if the worker did hear someone, they probably wouldn’t understand them. So let’s keep things visual – imagine if you’re whole team had access to the same blueprint, complete with the foreman’s/engineer’s annotations and changes, right in their pocket. Mobile apps give flexibility to the way you see your data, and it allows you to change it on the spot. Combined with a tablet and a stylus, annotating directly on the blueprint will feel almost identical to pencil and paper.

PDF Editor built-in

It’s no secret that a lot of PDF-editors are on both mobile app stores. Even a quick search of just “PDF” yields many results at varying price ranges – anywhere from $1.99 to over $10.00!

Many of these PDF editors, and viewers, all stop their functionality where their names end. This can be problematic. When you’re on the field, the last thing you want is your coworkers fumbling around their phone, wasting time trying to find out how all the apps that they’ve downloaded relate with one another. Since it’s difficult to find a cost-effective, all-in-one solution in a market saturated with so many different applications, it’s would seem almost counter-productive to even consider a mobile app.

Snappii gives the advantage of putting together features like building blocks. With Snappii  online mobile app editor, it’s just a matter of placing the features that you would like to see in your app on a list. The programmers at Snappii have already done the back-end part for you, all you have to do is pick and choose. Want to have a PDF Editor with a Blueprint manager? No problem. Want to add chat to that too? We thought you’d never ask!

Goodbye Paper

I’ve talked about the benefits in ditching paper over a mobile app, and the same could be said about the construction industry. Paper can get damaged, or even worst, lost. On a work-site, the same diagram could pass through many people’s hands before it gets to where it needs to be, especially with foremen constantly coming back to look at it. And when these blueprints are finished, they get put away in a cabinet where they’ll be forgotten.

Keeping everything digital gives the user the advantage of never losing another blueprint, and never having to worry about it getting damaged while on the work-site. You can set the blueprints to be cloud-based, so that everyone on-site has the same information in the palm of their hands. There’s no need to pass anything around – the team can just look at their smartphone.

You still might be thinking that it’s difficult to create your own mobile app for your business. With Snappii’s platform, however, it’s now easier than ever to create the mobile app of your dreams and add it to your arsenal of technology that will help you get the job done. If it still seems out of your league, check out Snappii’s templates, which will give you a foundation to build your mobile app on. If you want to try out our no-coding DIY mobile app platform, we’ll start you off with a 14-day FREE trial. Try it out today!

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