How to set up ad removals in Android

To set up ad removals in Android you need the following information:
1. Google Play Product Id. You should have a valid Google Developer Account. Before setting up ad removals in your app you should submit it to Google Play without in app purchases settings enabled.
2. Once submitted you can login to Google Developer Portal
–    Find the app you want to enable ads into
–    Open it and go to In-App Products in the menu on the left
–    Click Add New Product
–    Choose Managed Product category and enter your product id. It should be a unique id for your app. Example: For Construction Manager App we will use: ad_removal_for_construction_manager
–    Add a title and some description about your app
–    Enter the price ( you can  auto-convert it)
–    Click Activate at the top and Publish your app changes
–    Copy your Product Id and paste it in the corresponding section in the Snappii editor
3. Add your iTunes Product id in the editor and save the changes. Be sure to enable add removals in your app in the editor.

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