How to set up interstitial and banner ads in iOS and Android apps

1.    Register at
2.    Monetize your App
3.    Find an existing app or add a new one manually
4.    Enter your App Name (if manual) and choose the required platform, Add App
5.    Select a required format
6.    Once saved you will see an Ad Unit Id. Be sure to copy it and paste in the corresponding section in the Snappii editor.
Ad Unit Ids for Banner Ads should be specified for each tab/element separately while Interstitial Ads are set up just once in Ads and In App Purchase settings.
There is a special Ads section for it in all Tabs/Elements in the editor. You can either place Banner Ads at the top or at the bottom.

You can track and control a number of app user’s clicks before showing him your interstitial ad. Just enter a number and specify the places that will count users’ clicks.

Posted in: Ads and In App Purchase

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