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How to Refresh Your Work Spirit

How to Refresh Your Work SpiritJust 30% of employees in America feel engaged at work, according to the 2013 report by Gallup, which means that 70% aren’t content with their jobs. This number is staggering, but what can one do to overcome their dissatisfaction and look at their job in a new way? Maybe it is worth trying what mobile technology has to offer before calling it quits? read more

How to Easily and Legally Track Employees’ Working Hours

How to Easily and Legally Track Employees' Working HoursTracking employees’ working hours is not so simple process. Moreover, entrepreneurs must not violate personal rights and take into account the different legal issues. Modern mobile solutions greatly simplify this process and make it more convenient however the usage of mobile apps in tracking is accompanied by some nuances. read more

Mobile Solutions for Food Safety Inspections

Mobile Solutions for Food Safety InspectionsFood safety, handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness, is a top priority in any food facility. Traditionally, food safety inspections have been conducted with paper forms and clipboards and all the data has been written by hand and formalized into various reports. Not read more

Google Will Help You Find the Best Business App

Google Will Help You Find the Best Business App Google Play Store is a unique repository of Android operating system applications, and its download rates are higher than those of iOS App Store. Speaking about business direction in mobile apps environment, Rahul Sood, Managing Director, Google Apps for Work, noted, “Today, more than 2 million read more

Predictions of Strategy Analytics for App Developers

iphone-933434_1920Strategy Analytics, a research and analytical firm specializing in technology, published a report with some interesting predictions for mobile app development environment. The report asserts, “While Apple’s App Store continues to generate billions for developers, the companies benefitting continue to change read more

The Collective App Economy

The Collective App EconomyAccording to Forrester, over $600 billion is spent on enterprise software each year. Speaking ahead of the Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit in Sydney on 20-21st of July, Gartner’s principal research analyst Adrian Leow said, “Organizations increasingly find it difficult to be read more

Mobile App Benefits for Your Restaurant

Mobile App Benefits for Your RestaurantNowadays more and more customers are glued to their smartphones and practically never let them out of their sight. Not surprisingly, these days these mobile apps offer numerous benefits to businesses. In today’s blog, we will talk specifically about restaurant mobile apps as their popularity is extremely high in modern life. read more

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