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Snappii Story

Over 4 years ago Snappii founder realized that every organization will want mobile apps, but the current method of making apps is:

  • Too slow: It takes many months to develop mobile business apps
  • Too expensive: Need to hire Mobile Apps Programmers
  • Can’t keep up with so many requests for Mobile Apps
  • Does not permit agile and rapid prototyping with customers
  • Once Built Apps are too hard to change as needs evolve
Snappii story

Instead he decided to develop a cloud based codeless platform that eliminates all these challenges and democratizes mobile app development:

  • Apps can be built visually in days, not months
  • Require no programming skills so that business people can build apps
  • Snappii generates business apps using native SDKs for high performance and no compromise in user interface and capabilities
  • Apps are easy to change by configuration, and not programming so that business people can build and manage enterprise mobile business apps
  • Developed Mobile Apps can be distributed to thousands of devices with a click of a mouse.

Now organizations can have as many mobile business apps as needed, as quickly as needed and affordable by all!

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