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Excavator Inspection

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Excavator Inspection App allows excavator operators, drivers, technicians and other professionals to perform detailed inspections of the machines they use with their smartphones or tablets.
  • Conduct detailed inspections covering each major system and component of heavy equipment
  • Indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance
  • Generate custom PDF & Excel reports
  • Email reports, upload them to cloud drives and print
  • Sync collected data across multiple devices
  • Modify existing inspections and re-send them
  • Work online and offline
  • Save time and reduce expenses
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How to perform excavator inspection with your device?

Data collection apps are taking over traditional approach of gathering required data. Mobile inspection apps are obtaining their place in the heavy equipment industry. Snappii codeless mobile app development platform introduces Inspect Excavators Online & Offline mobile business app. This app is an indispensable tool for excavator inspection. The app collects information about excavator condition and parts, captures photos, GPS location, signatures and other data, puts it into one report, and saves it on inspector’s device. Excavator inspection form can be edited and sent via email or cloud drives. Mobile inspection app allows its users to identify any problems with the excavator and report them right away. There’s no need to send the report to the office wasting valuable time, with this mobile business app this can be done in minutes.

Timely and accurate excavator inspection can save employees’ lives, avoid accidents, speed up workflow, increase teams’ collaboration, get rid of paper work, and boost productivity. Inspect Excavators Online and Offline mobile business app is available for free download from Apple and Google Stores. Try this inspection app today.

Excavator inspection is a complex process that requires inspector’s accurate attention. Inspection apps help greatly simplify this process eliminating the necessity to drag piles of paper forms and cameras with you. Another advantage of mobile inspection app is the speed of delivery. Since inspector now fills out a digital form and can submit it with a click of a button to send it to the head office, it basically saves hours if not days before the manager sees the excavator inspection report.

Heavy Equipment industry is evolving fast adopting the new mobile technologies. There’s no denying that with the help of data collection apps, inspections can be done literary in a matter of minutes, sent to the head office, stored in the cloud and accesses any time. Inspect Excavators Online & Offline mobile business app from Snappii understands the needs of heavy equipment industry and develops mobile inspection apps that help professionals all over the world to fulfill their daily tasks. All are welcome to try excavator inspection form at no charge.

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