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This document describes how Snappii secures its servers and Apps created and running on the Snappii Mobility Platform.

Our platform servers are hosted at a reputable hosting company called rackspace.

Snappii has built many security measures into the mobility platform and Apps themselves:

  • All communications between Snappii Apps and Servers are encrypted. We encrypt requests manually using Rijndael Encryption Algorithm.
  • Snappii Apps can take advantage of ACLs (access control lists) which control access rights by groups and individuals. This enables us to create a single App with different features for different types of users.
  • We enable App creators to control where App data is being stored. The options are:

    • Locally on device
    • Cloud Server database provided by Snappii
    • Cloud storage e.g. Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive
    • Relational DBMS Oracle, SQL, My SQL
    • CRM and ERP systems. e.g. Salesforce, SAP
  • We encrypt Snappii users’ passwords that they use for Snappii platform and their own Apple and Google Developer accounts.
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