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Designed for individuals and companies to save time on many HR tasks, HR App bundles data collecting, calculating and interviewing tools into a single BYOD.
  • Create weekly timesheets on the go
  • Conduct interviews
  • Fill out vacation requests
  • Calculate Salary and Turnover rates
  • Report accidents which happened on premises and in the field
  • Track work hours
  • Work online and offline
  • Save time and reduce expenses
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How HR App helps Recruiting Companies in Their Tasks

HR departments are always loaded with paperwork, paper forms, schedules they need to keep up with, interviews they need to conduct, and more. All these activities are tightly connected to each other. Before the interview, the HR manager has to print out the applicant’s resume, and after the interview, HR manager needs to create a report about the applicant’s skills to assess if he or she is a good candidate to the job. Besides these activities, HR manager has to deal with lots of paper documents such as job applications, vacation requests, timesheets, employee incident reports, calculate salary and turnover rates and more. HR manager is always buried under piles of paper forms that never end. Is there a solution? In fact, there is. It is called HR app. The HR app from Snappii contains mobile forms for HR departments to collect necessary information about the job seeker, to conduct an interview and add notes right to the HR app, keep track of timesheets and different employees’ reports. The HR app from Snappii will save time and money on paperwork, improving the working process.

How to select mobile apps for HR

There is a bunch of mobile apps for HR out there in the Apple and Google Play stores. You need to find the right mobile app that would have all the forms you are using on a daily basis. The HR app from Snappii allows you to:

  • track working hours and vacations
  • capture applicants’ information
  • report accidents
  • perform calculations
  • fill out forms, save them on multiple devices and email them
  • upload your own fillable PDF forms
  • edit/delete collected forms and resend them
  • share reports via email, print them and upload to cloud drives

HR app from Snappii will become an indispensable tool in your office. Select this app among the variety of mobile apps for HR, and you will get all-in-one. Save time, forget about paperwork, save money on data collection, improve business workflow and go green. These are the benefits you will achieve with HR app from Snappii. Of course, there are lots of mobile apps for HR to choose from, but if you value stability and reliability, then HR app from Snappii is exactly what you need. Another cool thing about the HR app is that it was built on a codeless app platform, which means that it can be easily and quickly changed to address your business needs. You can contact us to ask about HR app customization and we will get back to you with an estimate. In the meanwhile, download this app from Apple and Google stores for free.

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