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Office Inventory

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The Office Inventory app is designed to make quick and easy inventories in offices.
  • Make a quick office inventory
  • Select categories to filter items
  • Edit/delete saved items and upload them to cloud drives
  • Scan QR and Bar codes
  • Take and upload images
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Work in online and offline modes
  • Save time and reduce expenses
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Office inventory app description

The Office Inventory is a mobile form app designed to make quick and easy inventories in offices. Available at your fingertips, this easy-to-use mobile form app will help you:

  • Make quick inventories on the go
  • Select categories to conveniently make mobile inventories
  • Save and store collected data via mobile form app on a device
  • Share saved reports right from the app
  • Edit/delete made mobile inventories
  • Work offline

Utilizing the Office inventory mobile form app you will have the following benefits:

  • Improve accuracy
  • Arrange and store inventory forms
  • Save time and money
  • Eliminate paper usage

You can upload any PDF forms into the Office Inventory mobile form app and use them. Customize your existing forms and share them in many ways.

Mobile form apps are popular today, they help eliminate paper usage, save valuable time on data collection and reduce expenses. Moreover, mobile form apps are an indispensable tool to collect, store and share data quickly. Snappii offers a range of mobile form apps for inventory, Office Inventory app being one of them.

Don't settle for an App that doesn't fit your business needs. Office Inventory mobile form app can be 100% customized, securely deployed and seamlessly integrated into your existing back end systems using the feature-rich Snappii Platform. Try a mobile form apps solution from Snappii today.

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