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Snappii codeless app development platform has created a powerful time tracking app called Sign In Guest Book app
  • Register visitors via mobile
  • QR Code feature
  • Keep visitors record
  • Export to PDF and Excel reports
  • Works online/offline
  • Searchable lists of customers
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Sign In Guest Book app from Snappii

Snappii codeless app development platform has created a powerful time tracking app called Sign In Guest Book app. This mobile business app is specifically designed to be used at the reception and track visitors and the time spent in the building/event. There’s no need to carry huge paper books to sign in anymore – all the information is available in one mobile device. How’s that possible? Let’s take a closer look at the reception work.

No matter if you are at a reception of a large office, or a private hospital, you need to sign in before you visit someone. Prior to seeing a person, a receptionist typically asks for general info about the visitor: name, phone, hours of visit. Snappii has created a revolutionary technology that allows business owners to forget about bulky paper forms and documents – Sign In Guest Book app. This app is ideal for time tracking. Using Sign In Guest Book app from Snappii, its users can:

  • fill in your name and email to sign in at a reception
  • as an admin, track visitors, export your database and edit app settings
  • print a badge with your own information on it
  • check the amount of guests and their statuses
  • upload your own list of people/companies that are available for visits

One of the most important things is to track how much time is spent to visit a particular person. This time tracking app allows business owners to see the visitors flow and create their own database of guests.

How Sign In Guest Book app can speed up workflow

Nobody likes standing in the long lines waiting to be registered. It hurts a business, too. In fact, people can leave without attending your event, because they would hate to wait for their turn to get into your guest book. Time is money. With a mobile time tracking app you will register your visitors in a matter of seconds. It takes just one button to sign in and to sign out on the leave. Sign In Guest Book app from Snappii helps to increase business workflow. Imagine the time and money saved with the help of this time tracking app. Another cool feature about this app is the ability to store all the information on the cloud. This way, data will be securely saved and you will not worry the data may get lost. The Sign In Guest Book app is equipped with role-based access, so only admin can control the visitor flow. This time tracking app can be changed to meet your specific business needs. Contact Snappii today to get the app for your business fast.

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