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Trade Show Lead Collection

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The Trade Show Lead Collection mobile app is a powerful and convenient way to capture lead data.
  • Create events or trade shows
  • Capture valuable leads
  • Follow up with leads
  • QR code feature
  • Works online/offline
  • Export to PDF and Excel report
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Trade Show Lead Collection app

Trade shows involves a lot of time and work especially as for their organization and lead capture. Traditionally, you have to track the conversion, collect lead’s information, sort it, and you can do all of these only after the trade show when you get the attendee’s list. This is time consuming and does not guarantees qualitative results. As trade shows are the biggest lead source it is important to pay more attention to this process. Fortunately, special lead capture apps have hit the market to help you with capturing leads and keeping track of contact information at trade shows.

Snappii’s lead capture app Trade Show Lead Collection

Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, works with different industries and directions and sales and marketing is one of them. There is a great collection of sales apps, lead apps, marketing optimization apps and other apps which aim to promote the business and attract customers. Trade Show Lead Collection is one of the lead capture apps which provide a lot of useful opportunities. This app is extremely useful for developing marketing strategies as it allows specialists to collect and conveniently keep all the leads’ information like email addresses, phone numbers, locations and other info on a smartphone or tablet. Instantly capture leads and forget about bulky paper forms which are always connected with waste of time and different mistakes and inaccuracies.

Usually you need to scan the attendee’s badge using a bulky lead-tracking device or get stack of business cards which require future processing. Thanks to Snappii’s lead capture app you can use QR code scanning of attendee’s badges and take pictures of their business cards and store this information on your smartphone or tablet.

More customers’ satisfaction

Snappii’s lead app Trade Show Lead Collection offers unique mobile forms solution, which allows you to easily and quickly create necessary mobile forms through uploading existing PDF forms and transforming them. You can add specific features like signatures, datetime, locations, checkboxes, pictures and more instantly in your lead capture app.

Increase efficiency and data accuracy, reduction of extra time and paperwork give your employees, especially sales and marketing specialists more work opportunities. Ultimately, all these will lead to streamlining of all business and this is thanks to one powerful lead capture app.

If you are not satisfied with the ready-made version of our lead capture app Trade Show Lead Collection, we can customize it for you. Your requirements and wants will be quickly transformed into the lead app you need in a few days. Snappii helps their customers with their leads what has the importance and impact on the whole business, its successful development.

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