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Voice Recording and Playback

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Voice Recording and Playback app is awesome to record any voice message and share it with anyone via email.
  • Record audio
  • Save audio files on your device
  • Add audio names and descriptions
  • Edit names and descriptions
  • Share audio files in many ways with your friends
  • Sync data across multiple devices
  • Work online and offline
  • Save time and reduce expenses
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Voice Recording App from Snappii Heads the Consumer apps

Mobile apps in Google and Apple Stores have lots of apps for businesses, for consumers and games. Consumer apps are gaining more and more popularity these days, as people need tools to use in everyday life and work. Among the most popular apps one can certainly find audio and video apps that allow users to record, store and manage files.

Snappii, a rapid mobile app development platform, has created a Voice Recording App that allows users to:

  • record an audio file and save it on your device
  • stop and continue recording when needed
  • create a library of saved audio files and listen to them
  • modify your library and delete tracks

This voice recording app is a must-have in different situations when it is needed to quickly record anything. For example, a student can record a lecture, a housewife can dictate a new recipe, a marketing agent can collect customer testimonials, an inspector can collect audio evidence, etc. Consumer apps find an outlet in anybody’s activities and should be used to simplify our life.

Snappii is proud to be creating not just business apps, but consumer apps as well. Besides, it offers customization of its ready-made solutions. Voice recording app from Snappii can be changed in just a few days to meet your requirements. We offer a different color scheme, your logos and branding, contact information, additional features – basically, anything you want can be done to expand this app. This is possible due to Snappii’s ultrafast mobile app development platform that requires no programming skills at all. You can even modify this Voice recording app yourself by copying it into your Snappii account. Using simple drag and drop Editor allows any person to make changes to the app quickly and instantly view the new app on your device.

Consumer apps are the future

These days it seems like every company and every business either has an app, or is looking to build it. It is clear that consumers are looking for more and more services via their mobile devices. Online visibility is a key to business owners to get more customers via consumer apps. Let your clients and prospects find you. Request a custom app developed for your company today. If you are interested in customizing Voice recording app from Snappii, contact us today to get this app modified to your needs.

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