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Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives and printed, if needed.

iOS & Android Mobile Field Service Apps for:

  • Improve communication, scheduling and planning between employees in the office and in the field
  • Quickly Replace Exiting Paper Forms with Digital Forms
  • Increase productivity and profits
  • Quickly Customized to fit specific company needs

Why use a Field Service App in your business

There is a lot of work to do on the field. That work gets extended every-time someone has to put down what they’re doing so that they can log what they’ve done. Paper forms need to be filled out, delivered to the office and placed in storage. The cycle repeats itself so much that after a while, you may be wondering where you’ll continue to store all of these documents.

Snappii has offered a solution in the form of a mobile app. Many industries already use phone applications for various projects, but Snappii took the next step by personalizing this technology based on an individual business’s needs. Mobile apps ensure accurate and timely data collection, the means to monitor certain tasks and projects and the ability to save time and money on paperwork that would otherwise chip away at the budget.

Field Service Industry involves managing worker activity, schedule and dispatch work, ensure driver safety, and ideally integrate with inventory, billing, accounting and other back-office systems. Snappii offers many mobile apps for the Field Service Industry as a convenient and easy-to-use mobile solution that will manage installs, service or repairs of systems or equipment, enable rapid and accurate data collection.

While the field service industry is massive, Snappii has boiled down it’s necessities to these 5 categories: managing worker activity, scheduling and dispatching work, ensuring safety, inventory management and accounting. Snappii offers many tools in it’s arsenal to complete all of these tasks, and more. Aside from these categories, Snappii apps provide an intuitive, easy to use solution that can be customized to manage installs, service repairs for equipment and enable rapid data collection, on

Native iOS and Android mobile business apps allow field personnel to:

  • Speed up project estimation
  • Track work progress
  • Win more proposals
  • Improve customer satisfaction with instant quotes
  • Avoid penalties
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Increase efficiency
  • Optimize the workflows
  • Save time and reduce costs

There’s a lot that field personnel’s have to handle on paper, including assigning tasks, tracking progress, creating job estimates, calculating earnings and billable hours, reports and more. After completing the paperwork, the sheets would then have to be transferred to an office where they would be processed. Apps can eliminate this by immediately sending the results of a form via email, or sharing it via a cloud service. This ‘old’ approach to managing paperwork can be circumvented by the speed provided by technology, technology which can be found in most of your employees pockets already. Doing all of these tasks just scratches the surface – Snappii apps can even be customized to send push notification to workers, ensuring that absolutely everyone is on the same page at all times.

How to choose a Field Service App to fulfill your tasks

Through our catalog, Snappii offers more field service apps than literally anyone in the industry, and they are all free to use. These apps can be customized to meet the needs of your business, whether it’s by redesigning a form that they already contain, or tacking on more features to meet specific requirements that only your business may have. Choosing the perfect app is merely a matter of picking which features you would like to see in your app, since all components found in our app catalog can be combined or split as needed. All apps can be used on both Android and iOS, so there’s no need to worry on that front.

The best part is that this process often takes days, not weeks or months like some other app services out there. While the option to use the pre-made field service apps is there, customizing it will provide your business with even more leverage and features when it needs it. Creating an app through Snappii also ensures that you’re backed up by our leading support team – something that you won’t find with most other app companies.

Order Custom Field Service App

Besides ready-made field service app, Snappii offers custom mobile business apps development. A custom field service app can be created based on your specs and mockups in days. You may think that it’s impossible, however, with Snappii codeless mobile app development platform all apps can be literary created in days vs. months if you go with a developer. By the way, mobile app developers are hard to find, and when you find them, the price for their services reaches six digits. We can afford taking less money for custom app development than traditional developers, because we will build your field service app in just a few days using our codeless mobile business app development platform. You will get your first working prototype in 48 hours. Mobile app developers use traditional waterfall approach to app development: they hardcode everything, so it’s impossible for the client to chime in and request changes on the go. With agile approach used by codeless mobile business app development platforms, it takes absolutely nothing to go in and make quick changes to the app. So the customer is involved in mobile app development, can get as many prototypes as he wants, update the app on the go and always get these updates fast. Another pro to order custom field service app development is that this app will be hosted on authorized servers; data will be 100% secure and protected.

Mobile app developers are often difficult to find. Not only does it take a while to develop the right team for the job, but they also have to convince you that the finished product is going to be something you wanted. On average, a consumer spends about $30,000 on even a basic app, and that can take anywhere from a few months to a year to develop. Once that app team is done, there’s also no guarantee that they will be there to support you if there are any failures within the app, or if you want to upgrade something.

Besides the ready-made apps we provide in our catalog, Snappii can also take requests for a completely custom app provided that you have some idea of its workflow. By capturing your specs, and possibly mock-ups, we can make your app come to life in as little as a few days. You, the user, will be completely involved in its development as well – our team makes it a point to touch base with the customer often to ensure that we are on the right track to providing exactly what the customer needed. When all is said and done, if support is ever needed for the app, our support team is ready for almost 20 hours everyday. No matter what happens, someone will be able to help you out if the app begins to act funny. Snappii’s Data is also 100% secured and protected, which is a perk that we extend to our customers data as well.

Mobile apps are popular in today’s world. They help business owners keep processes running smoothly with one device, perform multiple tasks from the same place and increase team collaboration with seemingly no effort. Once you’re introduced a field app, you won’t be able to go back to your paper forms – we promise.

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