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Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives and printed, if needed.

iOS & Android Mobile Forms Apps for:

  • Collect any data
  • Test and update forms
  • Store Data Anywhere
  • Online/Offline Mode
  • Add galleries and lists
  • Add social networks, signatures, bar codes, QR codes, numbers, text, multiple choice, and location, GPS, photos, video and audio
  • Connect to any ERPs and CRMs

Mobile Form Apps Support Go Paperless Trend

More than 8 million people are engaged full time in doing paperwork. Paperwork presents enormous problems for today’s businesses. The volume of paperwork is growing along with the prices on paper and printing. Documents’ preparations require more time and work resources. In addition, numerous errors, loss of documents and inaccuracies constantly accompany paperwork. Implementing a document management solution and mobile form apps usage is the best way to eliminate annoying stacks of paper forms at your company. Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a smartphone. A new Gartner report predicts that about half of the companies around the world will achieve BYOD approach by 2017 and will no longer provide mobile devices to employees. Tablets and smartphones allow its users to create, edit, store and share digital documents. Besides, mobile form apps help companies go paperless saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

How to Introduce Mobile Form Apps to your Company

If your company is ready to cut down expenses associated with paper and go paperless, it is ready to switch to mobile form apps. The process of introducing mobile form apps to your company should be really smooth. Start from gradual move of one of your department from paper forms to mobile forms, for example, HR department. Create invoices, collect digital signatures, submit vacation requests, track employees’ time and more with the ease of your smartphone or tablet. After just a week you will notice an increase of workflow and team collaboration. Your HR employees will no longer print out hundreds of paper forms – all the reports and forms will be stored in the cloud assuring ease of access for the management. Help your HR department go paperless and you will see the benefits right away. Now you can continue introducing mobile form apps to other departments of your company. You will see how easy it is to conduct inventories and inspections, track project statuses, calculate turnover rates, assign tasks to employees in the fields, collect data, attach photos, GPS locations and signatures to the report, and more. Mobile form apps are easy to fill out, maintain and store. There’s no extra space needed, and you can go paperless in just a few days.

What is the Cost of Mobile Form Apps

You may think that switching from paper forms to mobile form apps is a long and expensive process. In fact, you can literary go paperless in a matter of days for a small fee. Snappii, a rapid mobile app development platform can recreate your existing workflow and put it into a mobile device. What’s more, if you have digital forms, they can be converted to mobile form apps in just a few hours. Snappii is proud to have a revolutionary technology that will not keep you waiting. You can start using your digital forms right away and go paperless. All Snappii apps are equipped with PDF upload feature. This enables any Snappii app user to upload the fillable PDF forms, fill them out, store on device and in the cloud, share with co-workers, and expanding them by adding any fields they want. Mobile app developers may cost you a fortune and you will have to wait many months before you get your mobile form apps. With Snappii you can DIY, order an app, or use the existing one with your PDF forms. Only you can decide which option suits best and leads you to your paperless future.

How to go paperless in the field

Field personnel are among those who are far away from the office and may not be influenced by mobile form apps technology. However, field workers will only benefit from using such apps for their work. Estimate job orders, assign tasks to other employees, check-in and check-out from the site – these are only a few obvious tasks that can be performed without involving paper forms. Mobile form apps are completely customizable. Users can immediately go paperless and begin collecting data on their Tablets and Smartphones.

Store mobile forms as a PDF or Excel document in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or MS One Drive and your mobile device or simply email them as PDF and Excel documents. Save forms in a cloud database for access and reporting. Start with data collection today knowing that you can add powerful features at any time. Snappii is the only company that can make this claim. Go paperless, save time and money.

Key Features of Snappii Mobile Form Apps:

  • Collect any data
  • Test and update forms
  • Store Data Anywhere
  • Online/Offline Mode
  • Add galleries and lists
  • Add social networks, signatures, bar codes, QR codes, numbers, text, multiple choice, and location, GPS, photos, video and audio.
  • Connect to any ERPs and CRMs

Snappii already has lots of mobile form apps that will help your company go paperless. Among these apps are such as: Instant Mobile Forms, My PDF Form Manager, Food Safety and Health Inspection, Invoice manager, Work Order Assigner, Inventory Anything, Bridge Inspection, Sign In Guest Book, Billable Hours Tracker, Fire Inspection and many more. All these mobile business apps help your office go paperless right away. Other than helping your business forget about paperwork, mobile business apps can become an integral mechanism of your workflow. Mobile apps can connect workers with management, sales with customers and prospects, let alone usual people find your company online and help you earn more business. Besides, you can always create customer surveys with mobile apps to get a feedback from your clients.

All Snappii apps are free to download and use. Download Snappii mobile form apps and go paperless.

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