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Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives and printed, if needed.

iOS & Android Mobile Oil & Gas Apps for:

  • Improve Field Safely
  • Speed up Inspections and Audits
  • Eliminate paper forms, clipboards and spreadsheets with low cost tablets
  • Collect data in any environment online or offline
  • Rapidly Collect and document different types of data: text, numbers, dates, geo locations, images and more
  • Fill out inspection forms with a simple touch of finger, i.e. save a lot of time
  • Drastically improve performance and accuracy

Why mobile oil and gas apps?

Mobile apps have a great impact on business today and transform the majority of industries and the oil and gas industry is not an exception. More and more oil and gas companies today are tending to use mobile oil and gas apps.

Oil and gas industry involves job tasks tightly connected to safety, as performing inspections, detecting leaks and measuring oil and gas density requires accuracy in data capture. Moreover, it has always been a challenge to manage both offshore and onshore operations in a competitive, constantly changing and heavily regulated environment which is what the oil and gas industry is. Mobile oil and gas apps not only help to eliminate these challenges but also contribute to a better productivity, safety and operational performance.

Oil and gas inspections have a lot of rework. Often, many operations and inspections have to be done with a pen and paper in the field and then back at a remote office. When collecting information in this way, there are many opportunities for errors. Mobile oil and gas inspection apps can solve these issues by eliminating extra paperwork and reducing the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies.

Managers and executives of oil and gas companies are able to manage and track the progress of their oil wells around the world right from their smartphones and tablets. Oil and gas management apps give an opportunity always to stay informed of all processes. In addition, they facilitate closer cooperation and collaboration between heads and employees of different spheres.

When designed well mobile oil and gas app can improve the efficiency of human movement, aid in real-time processes and field operations, eliminate rework, and even promote safety and compliance, all making significant impacts to a company’s bottom line.

Snappii offers feature-rich oil and gas apps

Snappii makes a direct contribution into the field and releases a series of mobile business oil and gas apps designed to improve workforce productivity and safety, prevent failures and incidents, increase asset reliability and performance, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. Thanks to the high-quality tools and features of Snappii oil and gas apps you will not only get rid of excessive time but also save a lot of money.

Use Snappii mobile oil and gas apps to:

  • Improve field safely
  • Collect data in any environment online or offline
  • Drastically improve performance and accuracy
  • Speed up inspections and audits
  • Rapidly collect and document different types of data: text, numbers, dates, geo locations, images and more
  • Eliminate paper forms, clipboards and spreadsheets with low cost tablets
  • Fill out inspection forms with a simple touch of finger, i.e. save a lot of time

Instantly get an oil and gas app for your company

All Snappii oil and gas apps are 100% customizable to meet users’ specific needs. While there is a big demand for business apps, companies of all sizes and levels must not miss a chance to find a way to get them and in this case Snappii seems to be the best solution ever. Snappii has flexible data collection features and digital forms to exactly match any requirements.

You can order custom mobile oil and gas app development and Snappii will realize your ideas and requirements in days not months. You would think that mobile app development is a very long process, however, with Snappii rapid mobile application development platform apps are created in a matter of days. There are just 48 hours spent from the moment we receive your custom app request to the first prototype of your mobile oil and gas app. You can participate in the development process, suggesting changes on the go, and seeing all the changes made to the app right away. Custom-made oil and gas apps for your business will contain your company logo on all forms, can connect to your company database, or cloud drives. Mobile forms are kept in one place, can be shared with your co-workers, catalogued and securely saved. Moreover, Snappii offers user management, which is a role based access to the app. So you can rest assured that the access to your app is password protected.

If you want to try and develop the app on your own, you can create the powerful oil and gas app on our codeless drag and drop platform. No programming skills needed. Snappii platform offers a convenient and easy-to-use WYSIWYG visual editor with drag and drop capability and native preview mode. Simply register on the Snappii website and start creating your own mobile business app. You can make an app from scratch, or download one of our ready-made oil and gas apps to your account and change it for yourself. Snappii offers more built-in features than any other codeless app platform. Build app in the cloud, hit save and see it run immediately on your and customers’ devices. Use the native Snappii preview app to test your oil and gas apps right away as you create them. Making apps with Snappii is an easy and creative process you will certainly enjoy.

One of the major challenges any oil and gas company faces when they want to try out newer technologies is the increased deployment time. A successful Snappii oil and gas apps adoption and deployment can be done in just a few weeks rather than a few months.

Oil and gas app is not a possibility but a necessity

Mobile technology is the main trend of the modern life. Oil and gas industry always goes forward with the times and mobile oil and gas apps are what the industry companies need today for the further successful development. Some of the benefits big producers will see by implementing a mobile oil and gas app are better ways to capture data, real-time information, geolocation, enhanced collaboration, and better decision-making. Combining all these benefits together will lead to fewer mistakes, happier employees, and a higher income. Try it right now and enjoy all the benefits of powerful feature-rich Snappii apps.

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