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Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives and printed, if needed.

iOS & Android Mobile Public Safety Apps for:

  • Satisfy mandatory federal and state reporting and disclosure rules
  • Enable single click panic button notification of authorities and parents
  • Track victim locations
  • Enable bystanders to report and capture crime evidence
  • Save time and eliminate paper work

A Public Safety App to Boost Emergency Services’ Productivity

There is a growing number of mobile apps entering the market that impact public safety and emergency communications. Many of these new apps are developed with a high degree of creativity and innovation and can be used to save precious time, report incidents and crimes, satisfy mandatory federal and state reporting and disclosure rules, track GPS locations, contact friends and relatives, eliminate paper work and more. A Public safety app can literaly save someone’s life. Many crimes are committed on campuses these days, and students need an efficient way to protect themselves. A public safety app will help its users to contact emergency services in seconds, press a panic button and report the exact location, send a help message to relatives and friends, record audio and video evidence if needed and more. Other than serving campuses, there are emergency service apps out there that will suit many organizations. Having an emergency service app will complete all of your public safety forms. Get lifesaving information in real time and ensure that everything is accurate.

The emergency service app will:

  • inspect equipment and vehicles
  • check fire systems
  • manage safety resources
  • inspect food and beverage

You will save hundreds of hours on data collection and save many more lives.

Components of a good public safety app

These days, it seems like everyone has a smartphone and every third one has a tablet. Mobile app development companies are using this trend and try to create many mobile apps for many industries. But how can you identify a good public safety app that will actually help you in emergency situation? There are basically two aspects of a public safety app: one is for consumer, the other is for emergency service. Both aspects would need accurate GPS location tracking. However, emergency service app would need accurate forms for mobile data collection. Inspectors deal with lots of paper forms, which can’t be fully reliable in the field. A public safety app has to serve the needs of simple users to quickly and easily dial emergency services, report incidents and crimes, report your current location and notify relatives and friends. Police officers can fill out incident reports right on the spot, send them to the Police department, collect information about witnesses and victims, add photos and signatures.

Emergency service app helps prevent incidents

While a public safety app can’t prevent a crime - it can only help a witness or a victim to escape the possible consequences, an emergency service app can help prevent the incident. These apps contain mobile data collection forms that collect real-time data about the equipment, fire systems, roads and bridges conditions, thus, helping insure safety of people working in the field and ordinary by-passers. Oil and Gas field inspectors control emergency preparedness and planning, ensure pipeline safety and prevent blow-out with a mobile app; fire inspectors check fire hydrants and extinguishers and reduce the risk of fire; construction managers ensure construction sites are safe for the employees to work at and more. All these activities are performed with an ease of your mobile device. It is easier to prevent an incident, so using an emergency service app is a must-have for any business organization.

How to select a public safety app

We already know why you need to have a public safety app and an emergency service app, what components it needs to consist of, and how it can help you in your work and everyday life. Another question that is left unanswered is how to select the right public safety app. There are lots of mobile business apps to ensure public safety, however, not many apps out there are in compliance with State regulations. Snappii, a rapid mobile app development platform has created many apps for different business industries to enable public safety and emergency services work. A great public safety app one can find is Public Safety Provider. This app is a perfect fit for campuses. SignIn Guest Book is another public safety app that helps monitor who is in the building right now. Moreover, Snappii offers emergency service apps for Inspectors: Fire Inspection, Food Safety and Health Inspection, Oil and Gas Safety Management, Inspect Elevators and Ensure Safety, Commercial and Residential Building Inspection, Road Inspection, Bridge Inspection and others. All Snappii mobile apps are free to download and use in your organizations. If you want to have a public safety app like this, there’s absolutely no problem to get it customized to your needs. Snappii is proud of having the best feature-rich platform ensuring all the app changes are completed within a few days. No other app building service could do that.

Public safety is considered to be one of the leading concerns of any business organization. Safety always comes first, and any business owner is aware of that. Using a public safety app in everyday work has become a must, especially when it comes to working in the field. Employees have to be sure that the equipment they are dealing with is safe, as they are responsible for both: people using it, and people passing by. Roads, bridges, elevators, buildings, fire systems – everything has to be properly checked and signed. A public safety app can manage all inspections keeping people and machines safe and secure. Try Snappii public safety app and any emergency service app for free.

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