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Snappii App Creation Cloud™

Enterprise App Features Without the Enterprise Price Tag for Development Costs

The mobile application development world has changed. It is fast paced and dynamic. Organizations want to mobilize business processes in days not months and traditional development methods do not scale. Snappii App Creation Cloud enables the visual configuration and extension of multi-channel native, enterprise-class mobile apps in days, not months.

Businesses and other organizations can now visually build enterprise mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and the web from a single visual editor. The Snappii App Creation Cloud™ offers visual development tools, immediate testing on any device, integration, APIs and data connectors, enterprise-grade feature sets, as well as cloud services and ready to use infrastructure such as hosted databases, and more.

Take Control of Your App Development Lifecycle

Build apps visually with the Snappii WYSIWYG editor, iterate, save and see the changes immediately on all test devices. Submit apps to public and private app stores or update existing apps on the fly! The app submission process is fully automated.
For more information, please, read the User Manual.

Snappii Development Process

Dramatically Faster than SDK's or Frameworks

Only the Snappii App Creation Cloud publishes and distributes native Android, iOS, and web apps straight from the visual editor. You don't need to worry about compiling, and de-bugging, Snappii generates native apps with tested, ready-made source code in Java and Objective-C. If there is functionality that the Snappii platform does not support, you have not hit a dead end. You have the ability to extend Snappii functionality through JavaScript if desired. Evolve your app without any platform limitations.

Snappii Development Process

Try It Free! Design and Test Ultra-Fast Mobile Apps with Snappii

Try the Snappii Mobile Platform online for free. Start designing your own app in minutes, or browse and download a Snappii ReadyApp to accelerate your mobile app project.

Try the Snappii Platform for Free

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Challenge Snappii to build your enterprise-ready mobile app prototype in as little as 48 hours!

Contact Snappii to learn how businesses and organizations can quickly design, configure, integrate, deploy, manage, and evolve robust enterprise apps across multiple devices – no coding required.

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