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Snappii Management Cloud™

As part of an end-to-end mobility solution, the Snappii Management Cloud™ offers a unified platform to manage your enterprise mobility apps. Mobile Application Management (MaM) features help businesses and organizations manage users, system access, application security, usage reports and application performance.

Snappii Management Cloud solution helps to simplify the app management process by:

  • Enabling and controlling employee access to Business to Employee (B2E) or Business to Consumer (B2C) apps
  • Easily managing apps created with Snappii
  • Quickly configuring and updating integrations, data sync settings, and security features
  • Deploy apps once they are released to production
  • Providing users with the latest and greatest versions of all of your apps
  • Monitoring performance data
  • Manage flexible cloud services to handle peak demand

For more information, please, read the User Manual.

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