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Snappii Mobile App Platform

Over the past 3 years the number of apps created and managed with Snappii cloud mobility platform has grown to over 20,000 running on over 2.6 million devices.

Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps in 8 Weeks or Less

Build the perfect mobile solution in days not months with the ultra-fast Snappii Mobile App Platform. Businesses can quickly design, prototype, build via configuration, integrate, deploy, manage, and evolve robust enterprise apps across smartphones, tablets and web– no coding required.

These are enterprise-grade multi-channel apps: robust in security, integration, and management features. Snappii apps optimize workflow, leverage existing infrastructure and easily integrate into back-end systems. Apps are native and cross platform. Our cloud-based, platform distributes and updates your app fast. And unlike with traditional development methods Snappii apps are 100% customizable, extendable without programming, and never hard-coded, making them easy to manage and change as needs change.

Snappii Development Process Visualization Cloud App Creation Cloud Integration and Services Cloud Management Cloud

Mobilize your enterprise and make it Snappii

Snappii closes the gap between business vision and resource reality. Business managers can now be assured of delivering on their mobile app strategy quickly and with far fewer resources. The end result is an enhanced customer experience, increased revenue and/or significant reduction in operating costs through productivity gains. Join the thousands of Snappii customers that have broken through and are realizing higher levels of efficiency, connectivity, and productivity.

Snappii ReadyApps™
Take advantage of ready-to-run,100% customizable, enterprise-grade native apps for your business. Snappii ReadyApps allow business managers to quickly implement solutions optimize workflow, perform mobile data collection, to leverage existing infrastructures and easily integrate into back-end systems. The apps work in online/offline modes, making them ideal for use everywhere. Whether you are looking to enhance your customers’ experience or reduce operating costs through productivity gains, Snappii has an app for you.

Snappii Visualization Cloud™
Quickly design and prototype stunning multi-channel native apps utilizing cloud based collaboration techniques. No coding is necessary. Drag, drop and visually configure the app in our WYSIWYG Editor, save it, and immediately see it run on any smartphone or tablet device.

Snappii App Creation Cloud™
Don't build hard coded, hard to change apps that require programming even for the smallest changes. Create apps visually by drag, drop and configuration. Extend the app with JavaScript if desired or needed. Unlike other platforms where you are limited by the functionality of the platform and often get stuck, Snappii is 100% extensible. You can configure and deploy multi-channel native apps without having to deal with source code at all.

Snappii Integration and Services Cloud™
Connect to any back or front office system whether on premise or in the cloud utilizing RESTful API and SOAP . Services such as Security and Encryption, Notification, Location, User Management, Database, Web, Lists and forms and other services enable security, performance, scalability and enterprise integration.

Snappii Management Cloud™
Manage your apps and content with a best-in-class Mobile App Management (MaM) Platform. Control user access with role-based access rules. Authenticate users to in house and external systems. Snappii supports OAuth2 for authentication. Distribute app updates with a click of a button to thousands of devices instantaneously. Using the Snappii Dashboard, you can analyze who downloaded the apps, how frequently they are used and what app functions are the most and least popular.

Try It Free! Design and Test Ultra-Fast Mobile Apps with Snappii

Try the Snappii Mobile Platform online for free. Start designing your own app in minutes, or browse and download a Snappii ReadyApp to accelerate your mobile app project.

Try the Snappii Platform for Free

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Challenge Snappii to build your enterprise-ready mobile app prototype in as little as 48 hours!

Contact Snappii to learn how businesses and organizations can quickly design, configure, integrate, deploy, manage, and evolve robust enterprise apps across multiple devices – no coding required.

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