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Snappii Visualization Cloud™

Stop Wire Framing and Start Visually Creating the Real App

Finally, an ultra-fast, drag-and-drop Editor for creating cross-platform, enterprise-ready mobile apps and web apps! Snappii Visualization Cloud™ enables businesses and other organizations to collaboratively define, design, prototype and test robust multi-channel apps in days, not months. Skip the traditional, static, wire framing process and use cloud-based WYSIWYG editor tools to create your enterprise mobile app visually and share it with your team for immediate feedback.

Building Apps Visually Dramatically Accelerates Development, Updates, and Changes

With the Snappii Visualization Cloud, developers and non-developers alike use a simple drag-and-drop interface to build out forms, insert pre-built enterprise-ready features and functions, and publish apps with a click of a button.

Anyone Can Visually Build Mobile Apps

Snappii enables your entire team to see and test your mobile app as it is being created so you can immediately identify potential usability issues quickly and ensure a high rate of adoption. See exactly what your users will see, and improve user experience as you design. When satisfied, publish and distribute your native Android, iOS, or Web application with a push of a button.
For more information, please, read the User Manual.

Snappii Development Process

Try It Free! Design and Test Ultra-Fast Mobile Apps with Snappii

Try the Snappii Mobile Platform online for free. Start designing your own app in minutes, or browse and download a Snappii ReadyApp to accelerate your mobile app project.

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Contact Snappii to learn how businesses and organizations can quickly design, configure, integrate, deploy, manage, and evolve robust enterprise apps across multiple devices – no coding required.

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