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Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps

Ultra-Fast Enterprise App Development

Mobile apps have become mission critical to the enterprise. With the correct set of features, functionality and infrastructure support, enterprise apps can increase operational efficiency, accelerate time-to-decision, deepen customer engagement, and streamline workflow processes. Along with ultra-fast mobile app development, Snappii provides businesses and other organizations with apps that are truly enterprise-ready. The Snappii platform also provides a unique ability for organizations to create their own mobile app at their own pace.

What Makes Snappii Apps Enterprise Ready?

Same experience on every device: Snappii delivers multi-channel, native applications for Android, iOS, and the web with a push of a button.

  • Customizable: Don’t change your business process to fit an app. Snappii full featured apps and data integration are 100% customizable to meet your workflow needs.
  • User Experience: With visual app creation, drag-and-drop interface controls optimized for mobile, and instant testing on any device, Snappii apps deliver full native app user experience.
  • Enterprise Features
  • Performance: The Snappii Cloud Server™ offers high availability, two tier scalable, cloud-based back-end platform to deliver performance as your application user-base grows.
  • Back-End Infrastructure: Supports your enterprise app, including databases, servers, storage, and the ability to monitor back-end performance.
  • Scalable Cloud-Based Hosting: Fully-managed application delivery that eliminates bottlenecks, adjusts for demand, balances load automatically, is able to handle peaks of extraordinary demand, and ensures user satisfaction regardless of how many people are using your app.
  • Secure: Planned increases in security based on user growth, increased bandwidth, connections, and transaction counts.

Snappii Development Process

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