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With Custom app development We can help you become a Mobilized Business in Days not Months. All custom app requests are handled within 48 hours. Please describe the app you need as detailed as possible.

Please upload any document you have that will help us understand your app requirements
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Custom development
Please answer as many questions as you can or Contact Us.
(Note: we focus on business apps only - we do not make games)

1. Mobile project in process

2. Please describe what the app will do and how it will be used?

3. Project Start Date

4. Target Release Date

5. Number of Users

6. What website can we take the info for your app from?

7. What are the key tabs (buttons at the bottom of the screen)? Please list each

8. Please describe exactly what happens when each tab is pressed. What do you want users to see? What do you want the app to do?
9. Budget Allocated for App Development?

10. Please list features you would like to see in your app. Check all that apply.
Mobile Forms
Social Integration
Push Notification
GPS & Mapping
Custom Calculations
QR Code, Bar Code scanner
User Management & Authentication
Web Services and Database integration
Multi Language support
Java Script plugins
11. What information does the app have to collect from users? Example maybe enrollment form, application, appointment schedule, etc

12. Are you planning to update your app regularly over the next 12 months?
13. Which devices do you want your app to run on?
Android phone
Android tablet

Thank You. Your request was received and we will be in touch with you shortly.
You can contact us by emailing or call +1888-707-6633

How do you want to build your App?
Choose a ready-made app template for my business and customize it in WYSIWYG Editor
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From scratch using WYSIWYG Editor
app from scratch video tutorial
Video tutorial
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