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Building Maintenance

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The Building Maintenance app is designed to help you organize and manage your Maintenance inspection of the Building.
  • Organize maintenance inspection
  • Take photos of buildings
  • Inspect building interior/exterior
  • Inspect electrical, heating systems
  • Editable forms
  • Works online/offline
  • Export to PDF report
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Building Maintenance app description

Building Maintenance app is made to help you organize and manage maintenance inspections of buildings. This mobile business app allows its users to keep buildings in proper condition and helps to plan maintenance beforehand. With this app you can add and save basic information about your building including owner name, clients name, home address, date inspection, photo of the building etc.

You can estimate and analyze a condition of the functional areas of the buildings and plan orders for building service quickly and easily using only your smartphone or tablet! The Building Maintenance app is a great option to eliminate paper and fill out paperless forms. Just imagine how much money your office will save on paper forms, paper storage and delivery. The app contains mobile forms that are easy to fill out, edit and share with your co-workers.

Building Maintenance app will allow you to conduct quick inspections and collect required details in minutes. Create your own database of building maintenance inspections, manage it and share on your device. Paper forms could never do this!

If you don’t see the exact form you need, you can upload your own fillable PDF form into the app, edit it and share. You can even extend your form adding your company logo to it, GPS, signature, date and time stamps and more. You can save the form as a template for future reference.

You can customize the Building Maintenance app to meet your business needs. Simply download the app to your Snappii account and start customizing it. It is that easy. No mobile app development skills are required to build native mobile apps in days. To test your app just download Snappii preview app, login with your credentials and see your work. You can make changes to the app and see them right away on your smartphone or tablet. You can even create device-specific canvases. If you are using iPad only, you can create an iPad-specific app. In any case, codeless mobile app development platform is a great opportunity to build your own native app in just a few days. Choose the best option that works for you: download a ready-made Building Maintenance app, change it to your needs and use, or order custom app development from Snappii here.

Building Maintenance app is available for download from Apple and Google Play Stores. Download the app for free.

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