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Construction Daily Log

This App is specifically designed to collect construction daily logs. Capture all industry related data including weather conditions, locations, datetime, amount of labor performed and so on at any time from anywhere.
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Data shared on many devices
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  • Create and report daily work logs
  • Evaluate the amount of work that was done
  • Sync collected data across multiple devices
  • Update and track logs on a daily basis
  • Upload PDF logs to cloud drives, email and print them
  • Work online and offline
  • Get Push Notifications with relevant alerts
  • Save time and reduce costs

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 Construction daily log

The time to start using mobile forms in construction industry is here. With the Construction Daily Log you have an excellent opportunity to mobilize your business right now and have all your construction processes run on your smartphone or tablet. It significantly increases profits of construction business.

Both the owners of construction business companies and constructors confirm that construction mobile apps help to increase productivity, optimize the workflow, significantly save time and money. It`s easy to save and store all the data on mobile devices or integrate it with different network drives with one click.

Snappii introduces Construction Daily Log mobile app. This app is specially designed for tracking construction progress, checking site information and receiving additional field work requests by completing and submitting daily logs, using smartphones and tablets.

Also there are reporting capabilities in this Construction Daily Log mobile app, which help to provide summary of the daily activities. All you need is only to open New Daily Report Form.

Fill in the Basic Information Form with date, project name, contractor, state, weather, temperature, client manager on-duty, arrival and departure time. Or you can use Auto-Fill Form- choose one of submitted forms and get all the fields completed. It`s a useful feature in Construction Daily Log mobile app , for example, if there are the same forms every day.

After the basic information there is Work Details form with the following fields: work performed today, subcontractor`s progress, issues-delays, extra work requests, material purchased/received. There is also an ability to add project photos, work force –labor, work force –subcontract, rentals. Simply tap on the green plus sign to add project`s details in Construction Daily Log app.

Totals allows to save and send labor- work hours, labor-travel hours, subcontract-work hours, subcontract-travel hours, rental hours, rental cost. You can send a copy of this report to multiple recipients.
 There exists the ability to track and manage saved reports, to edit them and share in multiple ways.

Construction Daily Log allows to store PDFs right in your mobile devices! There is the ability to upload new PDF templates, manage them, edit, save and share in multiple ways. No forms to build. Simply upload the existing form with the help of one button click, capture any kind of data, add new fields for your business needs.
Download and try Construction Daily Log on your IOS or Android today and be the 1st in construction industry!


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