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Timesheet Manager

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This app is specifically designed to allow foremen to track employee time on jobsites.
  • Create construction projects and assign employees to them
  • Start multiple projects simultaneously
  • Punch in and punch out to mark the beginning and the end of the work
  • Create weekly and biweekly forms with work hours and break minutes
  • Generate the reports and send them to managers, supervisors, or accounting
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Timesheet Manager app – a long-awaited replacement of tedious paperwork

Filling out timesheets is a major challenge among employees, especially working in the field. Employees spend on average 30 minutes or more to complete a paper-based timesheet. They are frustrated and a company loses time that would be better spent on more useful activities. Not to mention the significant financial costs of paper, its processing and storage. However, the Timesheet Manager app became truly a game-changer in this process. The Timesheet Manager app allows users to get rid of paper timesheets and switch to a convenient and efficient digital format. It is a perfect way to save time and be more productive. Moreover, the Timesheet Manager app is available for anyone and doesn’t require a huge financial investment. Thanks to the Timesheet Manager app various specialists can:

  • create projects;
  • assign employees to projects;
  • start multiple projects simultaneously;
  • track the shifts;
  • create weekly timesheets with work hours and breaks;
  • fill in the mobile timesheet form in a snap;
  • generate the reports and send them to managers, supervisors, etc.;
  • store all data.

The benefits of switching to mobile timesheet forms with Timesheet Manager app

The Timesheet Manager app allows users to no longer rely on unreliable paperwork. Less paperwork lowers the risk of errors and inaccuracies. Paper-based timesheets require costs for maintaining, supplying, and storage. Moreover, this paper system is deprived of synchronization. Using mobile timesheet forms and the Timesheet Manager app is much more convenient and efficient for field staff. Workers don't need to waste time driving to the office. They are always synced and on one page. Thanks to the Timesheet Manager app, managers can more efficiently distribute the amount of work and get better results. Automation of work with the Timesheet Manager app streamlines and accelerates the execution of the entire project. The Timesheet Manager app is a great tool to keep the workflow under control and manage complex projects without stress and hard efforts. It is the most powerful as well as the user-friendly app. No special skills required to start using the Timesheet Manager app.

The Timesheet Manager app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. The Timesheet Manager is a perfect pocket tool that is always at hand. The Snappii team is ready to customize the Timesheet Manager app for some specific business needs. The Timesheet Manager app can be even more helpful for any specific company!

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