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Energy Efficiency Inspection

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The Energy Efficiency Inspection App allows users to make powerful and quick inspections, collect checklists, make calculations, create reports and share them.
  • Create energy efficient inspections
  • Easily capture required details and create PDF reports
  • Export completed inspections via email
  • Save and store PDF files on your device
  • Email PDF files. Upload them to cloud drives and print
  • Sync data across multiple devices
  • Work online and offline
  • Save time and reduce expenses
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Use the Energy Efficiency app to conduct energy efficiency inspections. Start with a new inspection, fill it out and save on your device. You can edit your collected checklists later and re-send them if needed. Each time you perform an inspection, it will create PDF files that can be shared via email, uploaded to cloud drives and printed out. The energy efficiency calculator will help you calculate the cost of kW/hour and help you reduce your expenses and bills.

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