Food Safety and Health Inspection App
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Food Safety and Health Inspection

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The Food Inspection app is specifically designed to conduct food and food service inspections on the go by using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Conduct food inspections
  • Check food service establishments
  • Scan barcodes of inspected products
  • Works online/offline
  • Export to PDF report
  • Gallery feature
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Why Use Mobile Apps for Healthcare

Healthcare industry is expanding its traditional approach to deal with documentation, inspections, patients, and personnel. We all know that in the 21st century technology is a key. Without using the latest technological trends, any business is at risk of losing customers, failing to fulfill ever growing daily tasks and eventually losing place on the market. Mobile apps for healthcare specialists are the best solution today to perform food and hospital inspections, manage prescriptions and patient lists, track healthcare documentation, and more. Mobile devices are always at hand and are a convenient tool to help improve workflow and boost productivity. Healthcare institutions are among those that deal with sensitive data, especially when it comes to food inspection. Snappii introduces its Food Safety and Health Inspection mobile business app. This app is a great way to save inspection companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each month spent on traditional document workflow. Besides saving money, mobile apps for healthcare help save precious time on data collection, delivery and data analysis.

This mobile business app contains the following forms for data collection:

  • Food Service Inspection collects temperature observations, list of violations, date, time, location and more.
  • Food Inspection
  • Wholesale Food Checklist

Food Safety and Health Inspection mobile business app from Snappii stores all the reports in a convenient format that can be easily sorted and searched. The reports are sent to any email address and can be retrieved at a later stage. This mobile app for healthcare specialists is equipped with discussion forum where professionals can share experience. What’s more, this mobile business app has an ability to upload your own PDF documents that you can use right on your smartphone or tablet: fill out, edit and send. Snappii mobile apps for healthcare specialists have been on the market for quite a small period of time, however, they are gaining popularity. Enter the competitive food inspection industry with a great mobile app for healthcare! Save time and money, improve business workflow, speed up inspections and increase customer satisfaction. Download the app for free.

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