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Heavy Equipment Inventory

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There is finally an app to conduct Heavy Equipment inventory quickly and easily. Just fill out the form on your smartphone or tablet and collect the required data.
  • Instantly manage heavy equipment inventory by scanning bar codes
  • Capture photos, text, locations
  • Generate custom PDF & Excel reports
  • Email reports, upload them to cloud drives and print
  • Sync collected data across multiple devices
  • Modify existing inventories and re-send them
  • Work online and offline
  • Save time and reduce expenses
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Heavy equipment inventory app from Snappii

Mobile apps for business are very popular nowadays and heavy equipment industry isn`t the exception. Heavy equipment mobile apps allow to save time and money, eliminate paper and increase productivity.

Heavy equipment inventory mobile app is specifically designed to keep an accurate inventory for heavy equipment quickly and easily.

With the help of this app it`s easily to add equipment via the form or upload excel samples, search your equipment by a bar code, edit, export and share inspections. Inspection forms include all needed info: QR and bar codes, date of inventory, equipment description, address, brand and model, serial number, status and condition, mileage, year of production, cost, photos and notes. There is also an opportunity to upload PDF and excel files- no forms to build, simply use your own form.

You can easily upload or open the existing PDF template, edit it and share in multiple ways. There is also an opportunity to capture different types of information, date and time stamps, QR and barcodes, digital signatures, locations and maps, checkboxes, photos and images, radio buttons.

With the help of the heavy equipment inventory app you will be able to:

  • instantly manage heavy equipment inventory
  • sync captured data across multiple devices
  • store collected data on your own device
  • capture photos, text, locations
  • generate custom PDF and Excel reports with all items listed
  • share your own reports via email and upload to cloud drives

All the data collected in the mobile forms can be shared via email, message, dropbox or other means available on your device. Use configurable checklist features to exactly match your inventories data requirements, they allow capturing date, locations, images and other details of happened inventories.

If you want to customize this app for your own company there’s a way to do this. Just register on the Snappii website, download the Heavy equipment inventory App into your account and use drag and drop app development tool to change the app to meet your business needs. If you feel you need help, Snappii support team can always help you do this.

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