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Mining Daily Log

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Mining Daily Log app allows users to report logs daily with information about employees, mined minerals and obstacles/issues.
  • Create a list of employees to pick them later from
  • Track a working schedule
  • Report working hours
  • Add mined minerals and their amount
  • Report violations by using your device camera or record audio
  • Sync data across multiple devices
  • Work online and offline
  • Save time and reduce expenses

Mobile apps are an essential tool for modern mining companies

Mining companies seek to build trust with investors in the sector to successfully develop and increase profits. Well-organized work, clear management, adherence to deadlines, and regular reporting help strengthen relations with key stakeholders. Modern mobile apps are the best assistant for it and provide the agility that is much-needed for the mining industry. More and more mining companies establish these new mobile solutions that enable them to become more efficient, professional, and productive.

Mining Daily Log app: convenient, efficient and optimized reporting process

Snappii understands that one of the highlights the mining industry needs to operate successfully is a clear and easy-to-use daily reporting system. It helps make timely and better decisions and keep productivity. Therefore, Snappii has created the Mining Daily Log app. This mining reporting app is a great tool for workers at remote locations on-site. Utilizing the Mining Daily Log app they can:

  • fill in the pre-made mobile form including the information about employees, mined minerals and obstacles/issues that happen while mining,
  • track and report work hours,
  • report any violations by using a device camera or record audio,
  • create a list of employees to instantly pick them later,
  • create PDF and Excel reports,
  • share the reports via email, upload to cloud drives, and print them out,
  • sync data across multiple devices,
  • save and store daily logs on a mobile device, edit and re-send them on demand,
  • work offline and complete data submissions when the Internet connection appears.

More benefits of utilizing Mining Daily Log app

Mining is a very dynamic process and the Mining Daily Log app allows the entire team to get and work with timely and accurate data. It contributes to a faster and better understanding of the discrepancies between scheduled and actual and helps take appropriate measures to keep efficiency and stick to course. Field workers don't need to spend hours on paperwork and visit the office to submit a daily report. With this smart mining reporting app, it becomes a process of several clicks anytime and anywhere. It almost eliminates the possibility of errors since it provides the ready-made form with fields and does not require writing by hand. Moreover, the Mining Daily Log app is a great safety net for managers. All reporting documentation is always at hand in case of any inspections of higher authorities. This mining reporting app helps mining companies get rid of paper repositories and cut costs on paper maintenance.

The Mining Daily Log app is available in Apple App Store as well as Google Play. It can be customized to meet some specific needs.

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