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Oil & Gas Rig Inspection Forms

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Oil and Gas Rig Inspection mobile app is designed to assist in detecting defects and discontinuities in rigs and drill pipes before they cause serious damage, assuring smooth operation and reducing financial risks.

Create multiple oil and gas rig inspections including:

  • blow-out preventers inspection
  • confined spaces inspection
  • derrick & substructure inspection
  • generator area & electrical systems inspection
  • hoisting tools inspection
  • hotwork tools inspection
  • workover rig vehicle inspection

Save and edit completed inspections, email, upload them to cloud drives and print

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Oil and Gas Rig Inspection Mobile App

Enterprise mobility already ranks as a top-three technology priority for energy companies. Nowadays mobile business apps are must-have for successful oil and gas companies.

Oil and gas is an extensive industry with a lot of work in the field. Mobile business apps contribute to the convenient and efficient oil and gas field work. With a constant access to a real-time data management or any inspection can be conducted instantly just by using a mobile device. Oil and gas field work needs speed with maintaining the quality. Mobile apps could easily afford it.

Oil and Gas Rig Inspection mobile app for oil and gas field works

Snappii, a rapid mobile app development company, offers a set of mobile business apps which can be a great helper in any oil and gas field work. Oil and Gas Rig Inspection mobile app is designed for inspectors and maintenance personnel engaged in oil and gas field work and consists of digital forms covering the most important aspects of the rig inspections like:

  • Derrick and substructure (structural pins, guy wires, safety devices, finger boards, data plates)
  • Workover rig vehicle (rig cab, carrier and other transported vehicles/components)
  • Generator area and electrical systems (multiple aspects of generators, including placement relative to the well guarding used, conditions of wires, condition of pop off values)
  • Lifting tools (sheaves, blocks elevators, hooks, crown block assemblies)
  • Blow-out preventers (the aspects of BOP’s including the condition of hydraulic lines, accumulators, choke etc.)
  • Restricted spaces (multiple hazards of working in a restricted spaces)
  • Hotwork

With Oil and Gas Rig Inspection mobile app oil and gas field work becomes more regularized and accurate. You can work in online and offline modes and always stay connected. Moreover, mobile forms eliminate paperwork and allow users to work with documentation remotely. All inspection paper forms often get lost, it’s difficult to read handwriting and mistakes and inaccuracies are often made. With mobile data collection in mobile forms format you can forget about these challenges.

All Snappii oil and gas apps are 100% customizable to meet your specific business needs. Our developers’ team can make necessary changes or create a new powerful app for oil and gas field work according to your requirements. You will get the app in few days not months! Choose Snappii and enjoy the benefits it offers for oil and gas industry.

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