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SnAPPii Adds Features to Support Powerful Mobile Forms For All Smartphones and Tablet Devices

Insurance companies require a customer oriented approach that guarantees quick response to rapidly changing life conditions. Competition among insurance companies is intense so they must be fully equipped with modern technologies to remain competitive. Mobile apps are a must-have means to not only show contact information, but also involve clients in the complete insurance process allowing them to calculate insurance rates, order quotes and get feedback quickly.

SnAPPii Adds Key Features in Support of Mobile Insurance Apps

With over a billion smartphones and tablets already in use today many organizations are reducing or even eliminating entirely the use of paper forms. Now customers, employees and partners can use smartphones and tablets to collect any information needed. Data can be instantly sent to corporate systems where it can be processes and acted upon.

SnAPPii Announces that Over 20 Thousand Apps Have Been Built with Its Mobile Enterprise App Development Platform for the Past 2 Years

Today, SnAPPii has announced that over 20 thousand apps were built by non-programmers and are widely used all over the world with its unique and outstanding WYSIWYG editor. These apps run on over 2,5 million devices and continue to grow.

SnAPPii Announces Major Enhancements in Functionality in Support of building Complex Enterprise Mobile Apps

SnAPPii, a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, has just announced its major update in functionality that will allow to create multilevel structured mobile apps.

SnAPPii Makes It Easy to Connect Enterprise Mobile Apps to Enterprise Systems and Cloud Services

Customers can connect mobile apps to any RESTful web service without any programming. Out-of-the box Snappii offers data connectors to many popular internet services.

Snappii Announces HTML5 Web App Solution

Snappii, a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, has just announced it gives out HTML5 web apps for all users of no charge. Anyone can build a mobile app without programming skills and publish it as HTML5 app.

SnAPPii Releases New Simple and Affordable Subscription-Based Pricing Plans for Mobile App Development

With the tremendous demand for both consumer and enterprise mobile applications, SnAPPii, an online mobile application platform for business, has just released their new subscription-based pricing plans to simplify the buying experience and offer their customers affordable pricing options to scale their mobility strategy.

SnAPPii Presenting at AppsWorld North America 2013

On February 7-8, SnAPPii will be exhibiting as a silver sponsor at the 2013 North America AppsWorld conference at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco.

Snappii Releases Major Upgrade in Functionality for Android and HTML5 Web Apps

Snappii 2.0 adds database and new features for building enterprise grade mobile apps

SNAPPII Expands its Mobile Application Platform to Offer Enterprise App Development for iOS, Android and HTML5 Web apps

Until now Snappii was a DIY (do-it-yourself) and full service offering for non-programmers who wanted to create mobile apps. Based on customer demand Snappii has expanded its service to include an enterprise platform solution for organizations that are building multiple consumer and enterprise apps.

SNAPPII Release Major Upgrade in Functionality

Snappii 2.0 adds database to apps and many new features for building enterprise grade mobile apps.

Snappii has Released iOS 6 Support

Snappii Preview App is now available to download from the Apple AppStore with the newly supported iOS 6 features.

Snappii Expands into Mobile Websites for Businesses. Mobile Friendly, HTML5 Websites are Delivered to Customers in 48 hours at a Price Every Business Can Afford

Snappii, a platform for rapidly creating native iPhone, iPad and Android apps without programming skills now adds the ability to create mobile websites also known as web apps or HTML5 apps. Now Snappii offers a single development platform for creating a complete mobile solution for websites, tablets and smartphones

Snappii now offers “You-Start-We-Finish” App making for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

Snappii, a rapid growing start up that enables people who have no programming knowledge to create mobile apps for small businesses in minutes, enables every business to have a custom made mobile app

SNAPPII Has Just Announced Sign/Draw Controls Support

Snappii, a fast growing start up that allows people without programming skills to make mobile apps for different types of businesses, has just announced Sign/Draw Controls support to be implemented in mobile apps for businesses.

SNAPPII Adds QR Code Support for Android Platform

Customers can create custom Loyalty Apps on Android platform now.

SNAPPII Now Offers A Free Custom Made Mobile App To Any Business In 48 Hours

Now Any Businesses can get a custom made mobile app that runs on iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets without any obligation to purchase.

Snappii Expands by Adding Sales and Support office in Rochester, New Hampshire and a Sales Pro to Grow the Business

A mobile platform maker for creating iPhone, iPad, and Android apps expands support hours and offers live human support.

SNAPPII Now Supports Native Android Apps

Apps created on Snappii platform are now faster and support more Android devices.

Snappii Now Supports Paypal Payments in Apps

Merchants can now use Snappii to build iPad, iPhone and Android apps and let customers pay for purchase using Paypal.

SNAPPII Expands its Mobile Apps Platform to Offer Full Service App Development for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Snappii, a DIY platform for rapid mobile app development, now offers full service app development and ongoing app maintenance for small and medium size businesses.

SNAPPII Has Announced QR Code Support

Snappii, a fast growing start up that allows people without programming skills to make mobile apps for small businesses, has just announced QR code features support to be implemented in mobile apps for businesses.

Customers Created 6,000th App Using Snappii

Snappii, a fast growing start up that allows ordinary people to make mobile apps for businesses without programming skills, has just announced a round number of 6,000 mobile apps for businesses created using their app making service.

Make Mobile Apps in 17 Languages Without Programming Skills at

Snappii, a fast growing startup that allows making apps without programming skills, has just announced a 17 languages support. Now Snappii users can translate apps into many other languages and distribute their apps worldwide.
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