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Real Estate Operations on Your Smartphone

Real Estate Operations on Your SmartphoneAbout 280 million people worldwide are “mobile addicts” who on average launch applications as many as 60 times a day, according to a recent report by Flurry from Yahoo. With these figures, there is no doubt that mobile technology and mobile applications have firmly captured all the spheres of our lives, and in Continue reading “Real Estate Operations on Your Smartphone” »

Long and Expensive App Development is Not a Verdict

Long and Expensive App Development is Not a VerdictWe have entered a new world of business with new expectations and requirements. To thrive in this new era, companies must embrace new, agile, and more mobile technologies for work or, otherwise, they risk falling behind. Establishing a mobile cloud environment allows organizations to break free from traditional models, enabling them to Continue reading “Long and Expensive App Development is Not a Verdict” »

Health Management with Mobile Technology

Health Management with Mobile TechnologyAny company, especially the ones involving heavy physical labor, such as oil and gas and construction businesses, has an obligation to protect and promote the health of its employees in different work operations. To achieve this, establishing an effective health management system in the enterprise is required. Continue reading “Health Management with Mobile Technology” »

How Mobile Apps Can Assist the Farming Industry

farm appMobile technology is entering the farming industry to forever change it. Thus, a new mobile app was recently featured in New York Times – Farm Logs app -, which helps farmers collect and retrieve data. Farm Logs app allows farmers to keep track of seeding dates, rainfall, field yield, soil health – in other words, to monitor the most essential information of the given growing season. The mobile app has already won the hearts of over 70,000 row-crop farms of 100 acres or more in the United States.

Continue reading “How Mobile Apps Can Assist the Farming Industry” »

The Advantage of Simple Codeless Mobile Apps

woman-using-tablet-outside-web_As we discussed before, getting a sophisticated mobile business app off the ground while being faced with an enormous app backlog is no easy task. Fortunately, not all mobile business apps require complex coding, integration, and numerous features. In fact, often it makes more sense to spin up a simple mobile business app easily and quickly without coding. Such apps are usually called “micro-apps”. Continue reading “The Advantage of Simple Codeless Mobile Apps” »

5 Reasons Enterprise Mobile Apps are the Future

businessman with paper standing in night officeAccording to a recent survey by VisionMobile, only 15% of mobile app developers focus on business apps. In fact, the majority of app developers favor the consumer market as it currently seems to be easier and faster to cash in on consumer apps. However, targeting the enterprise market could be a better approach very soon since, based on Gartner’s and Forrester’s researchers, the enterprise mobile app market is about to explode. Below are 5 reasons why enterprise mobile apps are the future of the business world. Continue reading “5 Reasons Enterprise Mobile Apps are the Future” »

How to Increase User Retention and Engagement with Mobile Apps

Social MediaOne of the best ways to increase the popularity of your product or service and, consequently, increase your income is to establish long-term and trusting relationships with your customers. After drawing their attention, you need to retain this attention as it always requires more resources to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. Continue reading “How to Increase User Retention and Engagement with Mobile Apps” »

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