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Construction Calculators

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This is one of the most popular app for construction calculators. The calculators support both US feet and European meters.
  • Calculate room dimensions
  • Calculate amount of paint needed
  • Calculate amount of concrete for your construction
  • Use metric or English measurement system
  • Save and edit saved calculations, use built-in length converter
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The need for calculations in construction operations

Construction specialists are not mathematical geniuses and always use calculators for various calculations. There is a wide range of tasks from measurements to materials estimates. Timely and accurate calculations are an indicator of professionalism and an opportunity to receive more deals. Moreover, from a budget perspective, quality calculations can help economize. However, a simple calculator will not be enough for the construction field.

Mobile apps for fast calculations on-site

Today, more and more construction companies choose in favor of special mobile apps for instant calculations. They provide built-in forms designed for specific calculations, for example, room size, construction materials amount, and more. It is an excellent tool for regular calculations carried out from project to project. Mobile apps are always at hand and usually do not require special skills to use due to the already built-in formulas. Moreover, mobile apps allow users to instantly share the calculations and receive advises and comments.

Why Construction Calculator app

Snappii offers a smart app for instant on-site calculations. The Construction Calculator app includes a bunch of helpful calculators that can be used in the field with no Internet connection. The Construction Calculator app has the objective to save precious time and money. It helps avoid overspend on construction materials and stay on budget. The Construction Calculator app supports both US feet and European meters. It can be easily switched. There are 3 calculation forms:

  • Room Size Calculator
  • Paint Calculator
  • Concrete Calculator

With these mobile forms, users can easily and quickly calculate room dimensions, amount of paint needed, and amount of concrete. These forms can be generated into a PDF report and shared with anyone. All calculations can be saved and edited later. The Construction Calculator app allows users to work offline.

The Construction Calculator app is available for anyone. It doesn't require special skills to use it. Specialists can get necessary calculations in a few clicks and without using certain formulas. The Construction Calculator app can significantly accelerate the workflow. Accurate calculations become a process of a few seconds. The Construction Calculator app is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play. It is a smart and user-friendly pocket tool.

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