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Now all programmers can build data rich, cross platform, native apps without any coding in Objective-C and Java. Skilled mobile developers can dramatically accelerate native app creation and extend generated apps with custom code.

IT departments are being inundated with requests to develop native, cross platform, high performance, secure enterprise apps. Coding from scratch to both iOS and Android SDKs is time consuming. It requires developers to be Objective-C and Java gurus with a learning curve of 6-9 months for these technologies.

There is better way.

Snappii is a visual, app accelerating, cloud based, mobile app building platform that enables rapid development, testing, deployment, new version distribution and analysis of all apps. With our visual build methodology programmers can create apps faster using drag, drop and configure capabilities without having to write any code at all for most apps. Only code to extend your apps to enhance platform capabilities or meet business specific needs.

Using Snappii Mobile Apps Platform Developers can:

  • Accelerate app development and shorten it to a few weeks, not months
  • Create real, high performance, secure, data rich apps without learning Objective-C and Java
  • Extend with custom plug-ins or drop down to the SDK level of programming at any time to enhance and customize for specific enterprise needs

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