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Fire Inspection

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The Fire Inspection App is a designed to help businesses in providing safe workplace and ensure that the premises has all fire safety
  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • Inspect fire hydrants and extinguishers
  • Potential fire hazards list
  • Map and GPS features
  • Handwritten signature and Time stamps
  • Export to PDF report
  • Works online/offline
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Snappii Introduces its Fire Inspection App

Fire inspection is an extremely important segment in fire department. As it is easier to prevent the incident than to fix its consequences, all fire inspectors have to perform various inspections on a daily basis. Snappii introduces its Fire Inspection app to help fire departments in their tasks. This mobile business app contains paperless forms that are easy to fill in, store and share. Fire Inspection app has the following paperless forms:

  • Monthly fire extinguisher inspection
  • Fire hydrant inspection
  • Fire prevention inspection checklist
  • Daycare fire safety inspection
  • Apartment manager

Data collection apps have already taken their niche in many industries, and Fire Inspection one is keeping up with the time. It is obvious that both time and accuracy play the main part in mobile data collection apps, especially when it comes to people’s safety. Snappii understands the business needs of organizations, and offers Fire Inspection app as a must-have solution to collect, store and send inspection data. Other than supplying businesses with paperless forms, this mobile business app allows its users to upload the PDF forms they are already using in their everyday working process. You can upload the forms you use, edit them, save as templates, modify and email. All the inspection reports are saved in the app, can all be shared via email or cloud storages. Moreover, this mobile business app offers its users to communicate via Discussion forum, which is essential in terms of sharing experience. Fire inspectors need to assess hundreds of buildings, apartments and hydrants quickly and paperless forms help save time greatly. Fire Inspection app from Snappii has all the forms to speed up this process.

Mobile data collection apps help eliminate paper forms, save valuable time spent on paper forms, and ensure timely reports delivery. There’s absolutely no need to drag laptop and camera to inspect fire hydrants, apartments and buildings anymore. One mobile business app combines all the functions needed.

Fire Inspection app will serve as a good tool in your department. This mobile business app is free to try. Download it from Apple and Google Stores at no cost or order custom app development from Snappii to fit your fire inspection needs.

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