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Bill of Lading Form

The Bill of Lading form allows you to enter the information about the shipper, consignee, customer and the goods right with your mobile device. Keep all the data safe and secure at your fingertips with a convenient mobile form.
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Bill of Lading Form

Bill of Lading form as a Guarantee of Successful Items Shipment

Customer satisfaction is number one priority to any business. And when it comes to goods shipment, businesses turn to a reliable carrier who will deliver the items safe and sound. The document that always accompanies any item is called bill of lading form. This document has to be a guarantee of successful goods delivery. What information is entered into the bill of lading form in order to make sure all the details have been captured? First of all, it is the information about the shipper, consignee and the customer. The addresses need to be entered correctly, mistakes are inadmissible. Secondly, it is the information about the items. It has to contain the most accurate data to make sure the shipment is secure. If the goods are dangerous or vulnerable, it has to be indicated in the bill of lading form to make sure the items will be handled with care.

Problems that may occur with a bill of lading form

It has been stated that the information entered for the shipper, carrier, customer and the items has to be accurate. Misinterpreting the hand-written addresses can and will lead to the delivery delays, extra costs and customer frustration. Bill of lading forms filled in by hand are tricky. Relying on illegible handwriting can cause problems like destination address misreading, goods description, amount and costs misunderstanding, etc. Besides, paper bill of lading forms can get lost, damaged, need time to be delivered to the office to collect signatures. Taking these into consideration, businesses started to move away from paper bill of lading forms and are looking towards a more reliable solution.

Why a mobile bill of lading form?

Mobile forms have started to occupy the market these days. Seems that there’s a real fever going on around them. And there’s a reason for that. Businesses have quickly understood the benefits they will gain using a mobile bill of lading form. First of all, it will save them money. No more lost paper forms, no more illegible forms, no more driving forms to the office. The information about the shipper, consignee, customer and the goods is entered with a mobile device. A mobile device allows you to select previously entered data to avoid mistakes, take photos of the goods, calculate the cost of items, collect signatures and even track the shipment status. Switching to mobile forms is really easy. This has been proven by thousands of businesses that moved away from paper-based process to mobile forms and apps.

Snappii, a mobile business apps development company has created a solution for you. You can use our existing bill of lading form or slightly modify it to your needs. Snappii has a simple UI that allows non-programmers to move the form fields around, add and delete fields and create PDF and Excel bill of lading forms.

A mobile bill of lading form is a real help to complete the delivery 100% safe and secure and get customer satisfaction.

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