Vehicle Inspection Mobile Form
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Vehicle Inspection Form

The New Vehicle Inspection form contains basic and detailed info. By filling the checklist you will get all the information about the new vehicle. The form allows to add pictures of the vehicle from back, front, right and left views. Store the data in PDF right on your mobile device and share it with a button click!
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Vehicle Inspection Form

Optimize Fleet Management with Digital Vehicle Inspection Forms

Every industry has its fleet that has to be maintained in a timely manner. Catering services, schools and universities, retirement houses, hospitals, construction sites, rental services, etc. all have vehicles that have to be inspected before and after the ride. A vehicle inspection form has its standards. Usually, it includes detailed vehicle condition for the interior, exterior and parts, mileage, fuel level, tier pressure, photos and signatures. Performing pre and post-trip inspections on a daily basis requires attentiveness to every detail. The inspector has to cover the entire vehicle inspection form scrupulously because the drivers’ lives depend on the inspection results.

So, what is the process of inspecting a vehicle? The inspector opens up a blank vehicle inspection form on a piece of paper and starts filling in the information. The process of exploring the vehicle parts takes much time especially when all the data have to be documented on paper. Same for the photo taking indicating breaks. The inspector has to drag a camera to take a photo and then describe what he wanted to show. This drags the process even more.

How to speed up data collection with a vehicle inspection form

If you think that there’s no way to improve this process, you are wrong. Luckily, there exists a vehicle inspection form that will help you cut down data collection from hours to minutes. Use the vehicle inspection form on your mobile device. A mobile device will allow you to capture the information on the go. If you don’t want to type, you can use speech to text feature to add your comments. Attaching photos to the report is easy: just point a camera of your mobile device to the problem area, take a photo, circle the damage or break and attach to your vehicle inspection form. Collecting the information has never been so easy. The data is stored on your device, can be shared with the colleagues right away and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

The benefits of mobile vehicle inspection form

Besides faster data collection, the benefits of filling out a vehicle inspection form on your mobile device are tremendous. No more lost forms, no more driving forms to the office, no more paper costs, no more paper storage costs. Keep all the forms in one place, easily find all the reports, sort and filter them by date, driver, vehicle, etc. Ensure safety and avoid risks on the road using a single mobile vehicle inspection form.

Now that you know all the benefits, you can think no more and perform your vehicle inspections on your mobile device. Snappii, a mobile apps development and mobile forms conversion company has created a vehicle inspection form that is already used by thousands of inspectors all over the world. You can use the form as is or have it customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Let us know what you think!

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