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Job Estimate Form

The Job Estimate form allow to collect the detailed information about the customer, estimates, labor descriptions and so on. Store the data in PDF right on your mobile device and share it with a button click!
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Job Estimate Form

Job Estimate Form that Fits Any Business

Job estimates that are transferred to invoices are an integral part of any business workflow. Field workers are more in demand of tracking the basic data, specific details of the job and its progress statuses from creating estimates to completion of the reports. Being away from the office causes certain difficulties starting the project. It takes time to collect the customer’s requirements, document the requirements, sign them in the office and start the project. The question how to improve this process is always asked by business owners and project managers. Using a single job estimate form to collect the requirements, sign and track the project status is a must.

The main benefits of Job Estimate form

Today, most businesses have already gone mobile or considering to do so. The most obvious benefit of having a job estimate form is the ability to collect data quickly in the field and send it to the office using a mobile device that is always at hand. Mobile data collection is an indispensible part of construction, inspection, warehouse management, inventory and many other industries. Businesses face the need to deliver accurate data fast. Job estimate form is a great assistant in this task.

Just consider these features of having a job estimate form:

  • Make project estimates quantifying labor, parts, materials and equipment
  • Evaluate the amount of work to be made
  • Inform and agree upon the changes made to the project
  • Report about the work progress
  • Calculate total cost in labor, parts, and the grand totals of the estimates and reports
  • Retrieve PDF forms of the estimates and reports and share them via email or cloud drives
  • Store all the data locally on the device
  • Sync collected data across multiple devices
  • Work in online/offline mode

It is clear that turning to a job estimate form in your business, is a perfect tool to save time, reduce cost on paper forms storage and processing, speed up project estimation, improve customer satisfaction, optimize the workflow and track work progress.

How to create a job estimate form?

Creating a job estimate form is no wonder. It has already been created by #1 Mobile app creation platform – Snappii. All you need to do is apply it to your business process. You will have a free trial to assess the job estimate form Snappii is offering and request changes to it to fit your business needs: colors, logo, additional fields for the data collection, if any. Snappii team is very flexible to help you get started with a job estimate form and boost your business productivity.

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